First Year at Lewisburg

This is my first year teaching and it has been nothing short of adventurous. I have learned so much over the year and I could not ask for better students than the ones we have at LMS. I’ve come to find that nothing excites a 6th grader more than to walk in the gym and see that dodgeball is being played that day in PE!

This week in science we are learning about the stars, moons, and planets that make up our solar system! If we can finally get a day without rain, we are going outside to model the distance each planet is from our Sun. From Mercury only being 30 cm away to Neptune being 23.18 m from the Sun. My students will love having the opportunity to get outside of the classroom and do something different.

Our 6th grade students know how to work very hard each day they come to math class. They know there is never an easy day in math class and they will be busy working even after the bell rings. We have seen so much improvement with our students over the year and we are so proud of their efforts. This week in math we are learning surface area. Students will be making 3D shapes and finding what the surface area is for each one. Students will be adding Rule #88-91 in their math rule book.

I am also the middle school basketball coach at LMS. I have already had a lot of 6th grade girls show interest in trying out for the basketball team next year and that really excites me. Coming up in the next month we will have basketball tryouts for 6th and 7th grade girls who are interested in playing next school year. On April 9th, students will have an opportunity to get their physical at school for only $10 (cash only). This is important for ALL girls wanting to tryout to have their physicals before the set tryout date. The date for tryouts will be announced in the next few weeks in plenty of time for the girls to make arrangements. It will also be posted on the girls’ basketball website.

Ms. Lewis – 6th Grade Science


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