“Learning in the Lab”

The following post is from Mrs. Emily Frayser. Mrs. Frayser teaches 8th grade science and is beginning her 6th year here at Lewisburg Middle School. She loves teaching science and is a Nationally Board Certified teacher.

Here at Lewisburg middle school we believe that teaching science requires exposing our students to a variety of learning experiences in order to grasp the concepts at a higher level.  We don’t want our students to just memorize concepts; we want the students to learn how to apply the concepts to other situations instead of seeing them as separate entities. In order to achieve these goals, we work together as a team to create an eclectic educational experience that will reach as many learning styles as possible and provide our students with lessons that spike their interests. Incorporating hands-on investigations in the Science classroom plays a vital role in helping our students think deeper about the objectives we are teaching.  In the last several years, thanks to Homer Skelton and the Excellence in Education Foundation, we have been able to stock our lab with many of the necessary tools and technology required to enhance our hands-on investigations. We also have awesome parents that have contributed many of our consumable materials whenever we ask for items. This school year our students have already explored what it’s like to be an engineer in the marshmallow challenge. They also saw the unexpected happen when we tried to dissolve sugar in alcohol as we learned how to apply the steps of the scientific method. With each unit we have at least one lab that engages our students to explore the concept for a deeper understanding or discover something new. Just last week, we explored the Laws of Motion through a rotation lab for our first major unit of the year. During this lab, our students explored how friction and the laws of motion can be applied to sports like hockey using an air hockey table. They also explored the effects of collision and momentum using a small pool table. Then the students launched different size balloon rockets to see how the 1st law brought the rocket to a stop, how the 2nd law affected the acceleration and how the 3rd law caused the motion with action-reaction forces. Last, the students found the average speed of a radio control car in order to use that data to make a prediction about how long it would take the car to travel a further distance. The students really enjoyed playing with the car, but they also thought it was cool to see how their predictions were right on target when it was tested. Although it takes time and commitment to provide inquiry and hands-on learning experiences for our students, it is worth every minute after seeing the excitement our students have as they are learning. Our hope at Lewisburg Middle School is to inspire our students to love learning and expose them to as many experiences possible, so they can see that there is a world of possibilities for them to explore in their future! My students and I are looking forward to a school year full of new learning experiences that will create fun memories and hopefully a lasting impact on their future.

By, Emily Frayser NBCT 8th grade Science

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The “Heart” of Lewisburg Middle School

The following post is from Tonya Young and Shannon Fleming. We are the counselors at LMS. Mrs. Young serves as the 7th grade counselor and 6th grade counselor for last names “L-Z”. Mrs. Fleming is the 8th grade counselor and 6th grade counselor for last names “A-K”.
The focus of our counseling office is always on meeting the developmental needs of students through the use of classroom guidance, small groups and individual counseling. We strive for our program to be preventative as well as comprehensive and therefore spend the majority of our time in direct contact with students. We believe all students can benefit from academic counseling, learning communication and friendship skills, career exploration, and learning to build and maintain high self-esteem. These will be the main themes of classroom guidance being presented this year to all students. We also know some students benefit from small group or individual counseling to address specific areas. We are always available to address these needs as they arise.
As counselors we are partners with teachers, administrators, and parents in the process of education. We believe in the importance of continuity across a student’s life and know the role counselors play in providing it within the school and home environments. We believe we should be leaders in encouraging a positive school climate and in making a positive difference in the lives of our students. We know our work does not end at the end of the day or at the end of the school year. We know our work continues to the next level. Whether the next level is the next grade, or high school, or getting ready to go to college, or going to work, we believe by partnering together we will help the students of Lewisburg Middle School be ready for whatever challenges arise.

“Text Messaging Brings Assignments to Life”

The following post is from Mrs. Tabitha Green.  Mrs. Green teaches 7th/8th US History and is beginning her 9th year at Lewisburg.  She absolutely loves teaching middle school and is also a National Board Certified Teacher.


Texting is like second nature to the current generation, so I decided to incorporate it in my 8th grade US History classes. We are currently studying Exploration & Colonization. I created an activity called Let’s Text.The students were required to text back and forth with their partner about the lesson. They were not allowed to talk to each other. The room was silent. Their brains were working. Students could use emojis and other text symbols. If your birthday came first, you were given the privilege of starting the conversation. The students loved the activity! They were all focused and actively engaged. This activity allowed me to see how much my students understood about the lesson and how they felt about what was going on during this time period. The acronyms and emojis the students used fit right into their conversations. As teachers and parents, we must understand and embrace the world the students live in and how they communicate. After observing and reflecting on this lesson, I plan in the future to allow my students to have a texting debate where they debate a controversial topic with opposing viewpoints using text messages. The “Let’s Text” activity was successful, and my students asked to do it again.


Mrs. Green

New School Year at LMS

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2015-2016 school year here at Lewisburg Middle School!! I hope everyone enjoyed summer break and was able to spend extra time with their family and friends. Our teachers and administrators have been working extremely hard preparing to help our students be academically and socially successful this year. We want this to be an awesome year for our students, parents, and community.

We wanted to try something new this year and begin a school blog. I want to open a window into our school to highlight and showcase all of the great things happening here at LMS. Throughout the school year, we will have our administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and students contributing to this blog. We will be sharing a blog post at least once a week, so make sure you check it out!!

I wanted to briefly share with you the three goals that we will be focusing on this year.

  • Connection— We want to provide several opportunities for our families and community to connect and be involved with Lewisburg Middle School. Having parents/guardians being involved in the lives of our students is a critical piece to our children’s success in school and in life.

One of the first ways we will do this is by hosting our “Becoming a Tech Savvy Parent” night on August 18th here at LMS beginning at 6:00. Brian Housman will be here discussing issues affecting our teens on a daily basis, such as internet safety, social media, cyberbullying, sexting, etc.. I guarantee you will leave this event not only with a working knowledge of the web culture but also with specific steps you can take as a parent to safeguard your home and child’s life. My goal with this event is to at least make parents knowledgeable about some of the problems our children face on a daily basis. This will be one of several events we will host this year at LMS to connect.

  • Communication— We will provide a variety of methods to effectively communicate with our students, parents, and our community. Below is a list of ways we will convey information to all of our stakeholders:
  • Commitment— We are dedicated to our teachers, students, families, and community. Below are a few commitments we make to you:
    • First and foremost, you have my commitment that I will do everything I can to provide our students with a safe environment where learning at the highest level takes place
      • We will provide resources for our teachers and students to help them excel and be successful academically and socially.
      • We will provide students with classes and extra-curriculars to help discover their passions and become life-long learners.
      • Our administration team will be visible and accessible to students, parents, and community members.
      • We will strive to make LMS the best middle school in the state!

Again, I would like to welcome everybody to the 2015-2016 school year and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Brad Meadows – Principal