To reflect means serious thought or consideration.  As educators, we reflect daily.  We think about our lessons, if our students understood the lessons, and what we can change when we teach it again.  As students, you should reflect daily also.  There are four things you need to ask yourself as you reflect.

  • What are you doing? I have students ask me every year what they can do to better their grade.  My response is always “what are you doing?”  Most of the time, students aren’t spending the needed time studying and preparing for their subjects.


  • Why are you doing it? Ask yourself why you are taking the time to review notes, complete homework, read books, etc.  Most likely, you are doing those things to prepare yourself for class, tests/quizzes, and to be a better student overall.  If you aren’t doing these things, ask yourself why not?


  • How effective is it? This part of reflection takes time.  Usually, you will know in a few weeks if what you are doing is effective.  One way to track this question is notice your test scores, quizzes, how many questions you got correct on your homework, etc.


  • How can you do it better?  Once you notice what’s working and not working, make adjustments. You may need to spend more time on your studies or you may need to lessen time.  Maybe you need to spend more time on some subjects more than others.


So, take the time daily to reflect.  It will make you a better student academically, a critical thinker, and a better person overall.


Valory Thomas

6th Grade Math



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