Lewisburg Champs Again!!

Lady Patriot and Patriots bring home 5 championships in 3 years!

Boe Frazier takes a touch to settle a high pass.

untitled1After an undefeated season to bring home their first title last year, the Patriots made another great run to earn back-to-back championships. The Patriots finished with a 12-1 record on the season. These included a 3-1 win over Oxford, 12-0 win over Lake Cormorant, and two penalty shootout wins in the tournament against Desoto Central and Center Hill.

Lady Patriots bring home 3rd championship

The Lady Patriots started the season with a large bullseye on their backs. Other teams in the county were fired up about trying to take down the two-time defending champs. With only 5 returners from last year, it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to rebuild this team. The season had many ups and downs, but the girls finished 5-2 in the regular season games with losses to Hernando (overtime) and Center Hill (1-3). Parents and coaches in the county started to talk, thinking there would be a new champion this year


The county tournament finally arrived and the Lady Patriots were ready to defend their title. Game one went by with ease. The semi-final was a little more difficult, but the Lady Patriots pulled out a 2-0 win against Hernando. The final arrived and the girls were nothing but ready to redeem themselves for the loss to Center Hill during the regular season. The Lady Patriots beat the Lady Mustangs 3-1 to become the DeSoto County champions for the third year in a row. With at least 6 injured players, these girls played with more heart for each other than they did in any other game this season.

Leading Scorers

This year saw more boys earn their way on the score sheet than previous years. Players found the back of the net 47 times in 13 games.

-Logan Coker – 11 goals   (also led the team in assists), Boe Frazier – 11 goals,

Cam Heinze – 8 goals.

Braylon Kettler battles a Center Hill player for possession.


Inspiration Station


Motivational quotes can be fundamental in several aspects of our lives. “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed,” can sometimes be reversed by a simple note left on your desk or a few kind words spread when passing by. These notes or “tickets” get us to our next destination stronger than would have otherwise.

“Remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!”   – A.A. Milne

There are several quotes or even stories that motivate people to grow in a positive direction. Sometimes it is the motivation of success that helps a student keep trying. They want to be in the top of their class or they want that perfect score on the ACT. Here at Lewisburg Middle School, we give out “tickets” to one another, students and teachers alike. We are not only educators but motivators because the destinations are critical.


Mrs. Newsom – 7th Grade Special Education Teacher


Christmas in the Burg

The countdown to Christmas Break is always an exciting time at the Burg! This year to help everyone get in to the Christmas Spirit, the teachers had dress up days based on their favorite Christmas movies.


The Polar Express. Everyone brought their favorite Christmas punch/cocoa and cookies. We also all wore our craziest Christmas socks or house shoes.


Buddy the Elf Day! Everyone dressed as an Elf or wear your favorite Christmas colors.


The Santa Clause! Everyone wore Santa hats.


Frosty’s Winter Wonderland. We dressed as a snowman and everyone brought their favorite appetizer or dip to share. It was also our Winter Formal Dance.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Teachers dressed as a Who or the Grinch.

And last but not least…


TACKY CHRISMAS SWEATER DAY!! (and this needs no explanation J)

We here at Lewisburg Middle hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Looking forward to a great 2017!!

Sarah Bryant – Special Education Teacher

Hearts of Gold

The Lewisburg community is full of people that are always ready and willing to help those in need in any way they can. Throughout the year, our counselors, office staff, students, and teachers at Lewisburg Middle School support our community through various fundraising opportunities.
Every year during Homecoming week, each of the four Lewisburg schools uses a variety of fundraisers to raise money for a charity of their choice. This year, Lewisburg Middle chose to donate the money we raised to the Palmer Home for Children. During the Homecoming pep rally, our principal and four Lewisburg Middle School students were able to present a check to the Palmer Home for $3,655.
We collect canned food to donate to the Food Pantry annually. This year, Mr. Acevedo’s first period class donated the largest amount of cans (118). The class was rewarded with an ice cream party for making such a great effort towards giving to the less fortunate. All of our Lewisburg schools also participated in a coat drive. Students were asked to bring new or used coats to donate to those in need. Collectively, we were able to raise around 400 coats.
Around Christmas time, we have many opportunities to give back to the community. Several of our teachers allow their students to bring a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. We also collect items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. This organization uses the items to provide a Holiday Store where parents can shop for their children and children can shop for their parents at no charge. Ginny’s child is another organization that we, as a school, choose to help. This allows students and teachers to sponsor a child/family or donate Christmas gifts that will be given to a family in need. This organization has been able to help 100 DeSoto county students in previous years. This year, our Fellowship of Christian Students organization was able to meet the need of a Christmas dinner for a senior citizen center in Horn Lake.
In addition to all of our annual fundraisers, Lewisburg Middle is always looking for other opportunities to give back to the community. For example, when one of our own staff members lost her home and everything she owned to a devastating fire over Thanksgiving break, our school jumped into action and decided to have a hat/pajama day. Students and teachers were asked to bring $1 in exchange for wearing a hat or pajamas at school for the day. We raised over $1,200 for our staff member and her family!
Lewisburg Middle School is a very special place for so many different reasons. I am proud and honored to work with students and other teachers who truly have “hearts of gold.” Giving back to our community is incredibly rewarding, and I am thankful our students are able to experience such a feeling. Our Lewisburg community is full of selfless, loving people who most definitely know what it means to have a servant’s heart.


Ms. Griffus- Special Education Teacher

We have come so far!

This semester students have learned so much. We began the year with keyboarding. There were many bad habits, but in the end, everyone has become efficient keyboarders. We have now moved on to learning how to create Microsoft Word documents. Students were excited about moving to something other than keyboarding. They will eventually be skilled enough to begin our individual creativity work. Students will have the choice of becoming a restaurant entrepreneur or a sporting franchise owners. They will then be in charge of all things an owner would have to do. They will be responsible for everything from creating memos and menus to designing logos and flyers for advertisement. They will be able to use their own ideas and creativity to take what they learn and apply it to a real-life scenario. I look forward to finishing off the year with much fun and exciting times. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dustin Belk – Tech Foundations

LMS Cheer/Dance Team

This year Lewisburg Middle School decided to combine their cheer and dance team. LMS has 24 squad members, 1 manager, and 3 coaches. The girls love working with their private cheer coach, Mackenzi Bennett. She is a cheerleader for the Memphis Tigers, and teaches the girls new techniques each practice.
Over the summer, the squad attended cheer camp at Mississippi State University. Each day the girls learned cheers, chants, dance routines, and how to pep up the crowd at a pep rally or football game. During camp, the girls were taught a competitive routine. On the last day of camp, the squad members performed the routine. They won over the judges’ vote earning 2 first place trophies and 5 gold ribbons!
During the Fall, the squad cheered for all home and away football games. They currently cheer at all home basketball games. The floor cheers are their favorite. Recently the girls had their Christmas party at Liberation Escape Rooms. The girls used team building skills to communicate and unlock all of the mysteries in 3 rooms. LMS cheer never stops. We always have something going on to promote school spirit! *Go Patriots


Hannah Taylor – 8th Grade Math, Cheer/Dance

Teachers are life long learners!

As the world and technology changes around us, teachers are constantly required to continue their education in order to stay on top of the best methods to instruct their students. One of the many virtues that our teachers have at Lewisburg Middle School is that we carry a strong belief in not only educating our students with high standards, but we also believe that we must educate ourselves to the highest standards as well. Our teachers accomplish this goal in several ways. Teachers and administration attend conferences to learn about what other top educators are doing as well as what the latest research based methods to help grow our students to the next level. Teachers that attend these conferences share what they have learned with the rest of the staff in focus group meetings. For example, Mrs. Western and Mrs. Taylor attended a conference in Biloxi this past summer and presented to other teachers how to effectively integrate interactive notebooks. Another way that the staff at Lewisburg Middle School stays educated on the most current research is by going above and beyond to earn a Master’s degree or higher. We currently have 20 staff members with a master’s degree or higher education out of the 60 certified staff members on our campus. Among these are; Mrs. A. Thomas, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Lawrence, and Mrs. Pulse in Special Education, Mrs. Frayser, Mrs. Creager, and Mrs. Newton in Science, Mrs. McCool in Math, Mrs. Hood in Tech Foundations, Ms. Griffin and Mrs. Sowell in English, Ms. Wilson and Mr. McLemore in Music, Mrs. Green in History, Coach Williams in Athletics, Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Young in Counseling, and our administrators Mr. Wigley, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Meadows. Another way that teachers can grow themselves and stay updated on current research based methods that work is by achieving National Board Certification Status. According to the NBCT website, “One of the founding missions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is to advance the quality of teaching and learning by maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.” Currently, at Lewisburg Middle School, we have four teachers that have accomplished this tremendous achievement; Mrs. Green, Mrs. Laxton, Mrs. Frayser, and Mrs. Fleming. We have three members of our staff currently going through the process as well; Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Creager, and Mrs. Lawrence. (pictured below) National Board Certification requires teachers to dedicate many hours of planning and research to incorporated methods that improve their own teaching methods as well as those of the staff they work with on a daily basis. Our staff is dedicated to continuously educating themselves with high standards because they are passionate about the job they do every day. Our staff not only desires to improve their own classroom, they are always willing to share their knowledge to help our school as a whole. It is this teamwork approach and our belief in maintaining high standards for ourselves and our students that has helped to make our school number one in the state of Mississippi.


“Dabbing with DBQs”

Students must substantiate written arguments with evidence. Common Core approached social studies with a particular emphasis on literacy. This has several implications for teaching with primary sources. My 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere students are currently studying Ancient Egypt. For the first time, students will write a DBQ (document-based question) essay. Students will answer a question designed to test their ability to work with historical documents. They will analyze each piece of document and answer the questions that follow. Students will then write a well-organized essay y that includes an introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion. The students must use evidence from at least 4 documents in the body of the essay. They must support their responses with relevant facts, examples, and details. This assignment will challenge my students, but if goes beyond engagement and require analytical reasoning. The questions also demand that students take and defend a position.


Mrs. Tabitha Green – 7th/8th Grade History

What GREAT Math Students Do

As we have celebrated the high honor of LMS being the #1 Middle School in Mississippi, I have thought about some of the common factors that great math students have. I firmly believe that all students can achieve greatness. It has more to do with work ethic and attitude than aptitude. I shared this list with my students last year and am sharing it with my current students also. We, 6th grade math teachers, have a passion for our subject, our school, and most importantly our amazing students. Each day we are striving to do more and know more than the previous day. With that in mind, here is a list of what great math students do daily.
What GREAT Math Students Do
10. Come to class each day with needed materials.
9. Write down all assignments/homework/test dates.
8. Attempt to work each homework problem EVERY night.
7. Get weekly test signed on Monday night to receive 5 extra credit points in your extra credit account. ☺
6. Do ALL classwork.
5. ASK questions. Ask questions. Ask questions until YOU understand.
4. Focus on MATH during MATH class.
3. Try. Make mistakes. Try. Make mistakes. Try again & again & again.
2. Smile ☺….this can be a FUN class. (Your math teacher is goofy sometimes.)
1. Understand that no one is perfect. Everyone has a bad day. A bad day does NOT make you a BAD student…..it just makes you human. ☺

The best part of teaching is watching young minds learn and grow. There are so many wonderful times ahead for each of our 6th grade math babies. I am thankful to be a part of this amazing beginning to middle school, and for the opportunity to watch you become incredible teenagers and adults. Math Rocks and so do YOU!!!!!

untitled untitled-2

Mrs. Ramsay – 6th Grade Math

We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

The Mississippi Department of Education recently released our accountability grades based on the Mississippi Assessment Program, or MAP test. Lewisburg Middle School is ranked as first in the state! We couldn’t be prouder.


Not only did our students score well on the test, they also demonstrated growth.  This measurement shows that our students, teachers, staff, and administrators strive everyday to improve each child’s learning, and we are being successful.


As a long time educator with thirty-six years of teaching experience under my belt, this is my first time of being ranked as number one in the state. I must say it’s a great feeling! When I reflect back over the last year and remember the hard work that was done by all to achieve this goal, it is with a strong sense of pure satisfaction in a job well done.


So we’ve cheered and clapped, had our pictures taken, and even ate some wonderful cake; but in the back of all our “teacher” minds there is this one resounding thought – now we’ve got a new group of students. Time to do it again. Back to work.


Mrs. Cindy McCool – 6th Grade Math