Review of 7th Grade Math

One of the many ways we prepare and have fun in 7th grade math is by assigning math stations.  Math review stations are designated activities that provide engaging ways for students to work independently of the teacher.  This may be in small groups, pairs, or individually to reinforce and enrich classroom learning. Students are given differentiated assignments based on what they need to review or that allow a more advanced activity that challenges them.  


Mrs. Wilkerson and Mrs. Evans – 7th Grade Math


To Tech or Not to Tech


Technology in education is always a hot topic.  Educators are constantly faced with the dilemma of trying to find the right balance of incorporating technology into their students’ lives while trying to keep the drama and distractions to a minimal that technology can often bring to the classroom.  Cell phones seem to be the biggest issue because teens are constantly connected and have a strong desire to stay connected.  The issue of using cell phones in school has been in the news across our country with many school districts initiating policies that completely ban the use of cell phones at school.  A district in CA even came up with a creative and innovative way of having cell phones in the school but controlling phone usage with a magnetic locking system that limits the access of the phones by the students during the day.

Click the link to learn more about this technology.


I don’t think we are quite there at Lewisburg Middle School, however we have initiated a cell phone policy that requires students to keep phones in their lockers throughout the day and to only bring them to class if a teacher has posted a green card outside the door.  We have already seen a huge reduction in lost phones, less phones taken up, and most importantly…students are more engaged in face to face conversation.


Now, being a science teacher, I believe there is a place for cell phones in the classroom.  My class tends to be the one that students bring devices in the room most often due to the nature of a subject that is driven by STEM.  Science is one of the best environments to teach students that there is balance with technology by exposing them to ways they can use their devices as a personal teaching and learning tool rather than just a social commodity  I encourage them to use their calendars to schedule school related events and assignment due dates.  I show them how to use timer features and reminders for homework or other important aspects of school they need to remember.  These techniques are all time management skills that even adults depend on in order to help keep up with busy life schedules.  Teaching students simple ways to use their cell phones for educational purposes helps them to take ownership of how they prioritize their time with their devices as they grow to become mature adults that contribute to society.


Another way I encourage using technology in the classroom is through apps.  Students get excited when they get to use their devices in class.  I have found that students and teachers are more than happy to use apps to help enhance learning, but often have little time to search through the enormous amount of apps to find exactly what they need. Below you will find a few apps that my students and I feel have passed the test of being user friendly as well as great for helping students and teachers learn.

Kahoot: Teachers can create kahoot review games to play in class or send challenges to students to study at home.  Students love seeing how well they are doing compared to others they are playing against.  Students actually have fun studying.

 Microsoft apps: Word & power point  allow students to edit work on their phones

Twitter: teachers and students can follow others that post current news, helps stay connected to what’s going on in education, latest trends, new ideas

Genius Scan: scan any document from your phone, turn it into a pdf then save or email it

Remind: organize classes that you are a part of and easily see missed messages

Quizlet: Flash card maker

Khan Academy: free online tutoring on almost any subject

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

PowerSchool: Keep up with grades and absences

I-nigma: fast QR reader

Chick-fil-a: (JUST FOR FUN…my personal favorite)  everyone needs to eat, this apps let you order on the go and earn freebies

Despite the challenges that come with teens having devices in the school setting, I believe with the right teacher attitude and exposure students can learn how to use technology to better themselves in the classroom as well as life.

Emily Frayser, NBCT

Lewisburg Middle School

8th Science

@cefrayser99 *twitter



Getting Our Shine On…. SPOTLIGHT NEWS

Let’s get to the best news for LMS Spotlight first…We have a new teacher teaching alongside of me, Mrs. Roehm.  Let me introduce you to Mrs. Kristen Edminston!! Mrs. Edminston comes to us from LES where she taught 3rd grade.  Her addition only shows how our program is growing; and we couldn’t be happier to have Mrs. Edminston here with us!


We, Roehm and Edminston, have started off the school year on all 4 wheels ready to see what our students are made of.  All of our classes worked together to escape the “Back to School Boogie” escape room! Every group was successful which showed us that we will have our hands full to make sure our students are challenged while enjoying learning.

Our students then jumped into learning that they have a few rights-to a point-under the U.S. Constitutional Amendments.  Thanks to this study, our students now understand the 1st, 4th, 8th, and 14th Amendments as students and as children.  Who knew that before the landmark 1967 case known as In re Gault, children had no rights and were considered property of their parents!  They also were stunned to hear that the 8th Amendment does not protect children from excessive, cruel and unusual punishment—that amendment gains rights to convicted

criminals only, not misbehaving children.

The first of September, our classes began their expedition to the Arctic Circle!  We are on a quest to save a group of scientists.  This group of scientists were well prepared for their adventure until an unexpected great blizzard moved in and the leader fell ill.  It is now up to our students and their expedition groups to help the scientists survive and return to safety.  Our first obstacle was the colder than expected temperatures.  We could not rely on our tents alone therefore we had to build a large igloo.  The students were allowed to use marshmallows, toothpicks, tape, glue, and water only to build an igloo meeting challenge requirements. Obstacle two was that we needed to make blankets for those who need to find our path.  Using only the materials given, students had to create a blanket meeting the requirements to best insulate a water bottle (a person).  We have 3 more obstacles to overcome in order to save the scientists, but we except the challenge!!



Spotlight students have many units coming up this year that will allow their creativity to soar, their problem skills to be challenged, and their thinking to be continued to be outside the box!  HIP HIP HOORAY to all of our future problem solvers and leaders!!

Mrs. Roehm and Mrs. Edmiston



Greetings from B Hall!

It’s hard to believe that our students are halfway through their first 9 weeks as 6th graders! We are so happy to welcome these wonderful students to our Lewisburg Middle School family!

In my ELA class, I strive to develop a community of readers. I absolutely LOVE to read, and I try to pass that love on to my students. We have a HUGE lending library, and the students are welcome to check my books out, and take them home (with a parent permission slip signed).

Every day, we devote 20 minutes to silent Independent Reading time. It’s a time of the day that we ALL seem to look forward to, as we are free to read library books, books from home, classroom books, and even magazines. Soft, instrumental music plays in the background, and we often do not want that twenty minutes to end!

The best way for you to help us grow our community of readers is to provide opportunities for your child to read at home. Encourage your child to take a break from screen time, and pick up a book! Talk to your child about what he/she is reading. The responses may surprise you!



Natalie Browning

6th grade English Language Arts

Your Footprints Follow You Everywhere

Over the last several weeks, we have been learning all about Digital Citizenship. Last week we focused on our responsibilities when dealing with social media and our digital footprints. A digital footprint is all the information online about a person posted either by that person or by others, intentionally or unintentionally. We learned about oversharing and watched a video that shared other teens’ views of social media regarding their experiences and our responsibilities. We also shared with each other what we thought were some positives and drawbacks of social media. The wrap up activity of the digital footprint lesson was for students to create their own digital footprint for the future. They were to think about what they wanted their digital footprint to look like in a few years when they are entering college or the work force. They created their footprint in PowerPoint including 10 words that would describe them in a few years and they were creative with adding shapes, changing font sizes and/or colors, adding pictures, etc. that would represent them well. My students really enjoyed this activity and had a fun time looking at each other’s footprints that I put on display in the hallway.

Heather Hood – 8th Grade Cyber Foundations I

Ready or Not….school is in full swing!

It’s amazing the difference of opinions on back to school.  Most students (and some teachers) need, “just one more week”.  Stay at home moms are ecstatic to get a little bit of “me” time and maybe have a clean house for a few hours each day.  It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you are on, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle…. school is in full swing.  Students are getting into the routine of doing homework and studying for their tests.

Sixth graders are getting acclimated to their new school and the challenges of changing classes each period.  They are getting excited about pep rallies and sporting events that come with middle school.  Seventh graders are no longer the “babies” of middle school.  They are excited and nervous at the same time, they finally get to participate in the sporting events!  Oh and we can’t forget the eighth graders.  They have put in their time and they finally “rule” the school.

The Back to School Dance is one of the students’ favorite events.  This year’s theme was Beach Bash.  Students had a great time dressing in their favorite tropical outfits, some even donned pool floaties and dancing the night away (well actually the afternoon).  The Back to School Dance is one of my favorite extracurricular duties to chaperone.  There is nothing better than watching students let off some steam and have a blast hanging out and dancing!  What an awesome way to start the year!



Lisa Lewis – SPED Teacher

“August Farewell”

As we venture into a new school year at Lewisburg Middle School, there is a plethora of new students filling up our hallways with an array of different emotions overcoming them.  Our school, in short, is growing every day.  Some students have walked the blue hallways since they were in kindergarten, while others are just now learning about being a Patriot.  You have the overwhelmed, yet excited faces of teachers, the hugs from the former students, the beginning of the year “getting to know you” activities.  You have the lost locker combinations, new friends at lunch, and car rider duty. You see the different emotions every day that middle schoolers (and teachers) possess.  Sometimes, you just never know what you’re going to get. This, in a nutshell, is August.

As I reflect on this past month, I am full of joy and hope for my new students who I am finally learning the names of. I am full of hope and prayers for every individual that sits in one of my seats.  Teachers and kiddos, we made it through the very first stretch of our ten months together.  We can collectively breathe a sigh of relief, and be happy that we are now all back to our routines.  It feels good. In this post, I just want to leave you with some words of advice to help each of you have the best year possible. I’m no expert, but I’ve been at this for quite some time. Kiddos, I have once been in your shoes as well, even though it has been awhile.

  1. Teachers, when you go home, be home. Don’t take stacks of papers to grade every single day.  The mountains of papers I see some teachers hauling home multiple times a week is higher than Everest.  This also goes for those who stay after until 7 PM grading.  The best way that you can truly be there for your students and your families, is to make time for yourself. When you go home, enjoy it.  Not to say that sometimes we will inevitably have to work at home, but for the most part, go home and just be. Also, do something just for you every now and then. Treat yourselves.
  2. Students, take the time to get to know the new kids. You may make someone’s entire day by just reaching out and saying hello.  New kids are also cool because they bring something new to the table; different experiences and personalities are exciting to invite into our circles of friends. Who knows? You may be learning all about a life-long friend by being welcoming.
  3. Teachers, give yourself some credit. The teachers at our school are committed, dedicated, and wonderful people who were gifted the abilities needed to work with young students. It really is a gift, and I know how hard you all work. I love my co-workers! You are worth all of the jewels, coffee, expensive shoes, and Chick-Fil-A in the world.
  4. Students, you don’t have to use your locker after every class period. You also should try not to throw important papers in there to never be seen again. The locker is your friend, not your cave. Figure out a system that works for you. Also, try to stick to one side of the hallway when you walk; it helps with the traffic.
  5. Teachers, it takes a village. Help one another. Reach out. Work together. Four heads are always better than one.  Try new things, embrace others’ ideas, and rock your classroom.  I have learned so many awesome tactics from my fellow 7th grade ELA teachers.


I’m just going to stop there for now and say that I am proud to be a part of the LMS team, and that I am always here for any student or teacher who needs a hand.  I hope you all have had a wonderful August.  It feels like yesterday that I completed my very first August as a new teacher.  Over time, one thing has not changed. I still get the beginning of the year excitement just the same. Happy September! I hope it actually feels like fall, and that each and every person in this building experiences an epic 2019-2020 school year.


Love, Mrs. McMurry

(former students, yes, you can still call me Ms. Covington; it’s okay. I know it’s weird.)

Meet The Patriots

Every school year, Lewisburg Middle and High come together to host Meet the Patriots, an event for our fans and parents to come meet our student athletes. As our school continues to grow, so do our clubs and teams, increasing the fans that come to pack James Brady Sports Complex. Coach Hammond has been continuing to participate as the announcer at Meet the Patriots for years. He calls the teams up to announce the rosters, and there are performances in between.

We have many students here at Lewisburg Middle who are talented enough to perform at the high school level, like Cady Brady, who swims for LHS. Coach Hammond also announced the 8th grade volleyball team, who is looking to defend their district championship after a dominating 7th grade season. Adalyn Collins, a talented 8th grade player had this to say when asked about a back-to-back championship: “Oh, we’re definitely going to give it our best shot.” Our football teams were also introduced. Our 7th graders are getting their first taste of school ball, while the 8th grade, which boasts a ton of speed and athleticism on the roster, looks to improve on a 2-5 season. The 9th grade, JV, and varsity teams were also announced. Senior 5-star kicker and punter Tanner Gillis spoke regarding his fundraiser: Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The band and cheerleaders both performed and got the crowd pumped up; but the Children of the Corn need little motivation – our Patriots take on the Center Hill Mustangs in a heated “Battle of the Branch” rivalry game Friday night. We encourage you to come on out and show your school spirit as you cheer on the Patriots this season, regardless of what sport you decide to come watch!


Coach Acevedo – 7th Grade US History

Washington DC Trip

This past week Lewisburg Middle School ventured off to Washington D.C to visit our nations’ capital. All year students have been learning about our government such as; how the government formed how our government operates, and important contributors to our government. The time had come in late May to take the students to see exactly what they have been learning all year. We loaded up four buses full of students, factuality, and parents. Roughly about 250 of us in all.

The trip was fantastic. They students were able to visit many different areas of the D.C area. They ventured into multiple museums, monuments, Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, and Annapolis (Naval Academy). Each place had so much history and time involved. Take for instance, Arlington Cemetery, is a resting spot for thousands of fallen soldiers, nurses, presidents, etc. Many people who have greatly influenced and helped shape our country are buried in this cemetery.

My personal favorite is the National Archive Museum. This is home to all our nations’ starting and impactful documents. To be able to have some of the most important documents right there in front of you is very astonishing. The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution all in front of you as if you were there to witness the signing of the documents.


Coach Taylor – 7th US History

“Just Breathe and Have Fun, Testing is Done!”

Well, you made it! It’s May, and we all know what that means….Summer!

But, before I leave another school year in the books, I like to have a little fun with my students while learning without so much pressure.


This is my third year teaching at Lewisburg Middle School and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s to have fun while teaching your students.  Students in my 6th grade Science and Math classes learn better when I am enthusiastic and upbeat.  Therefore, I try to find ways to relate to them through activities they enjoy and find entertaining.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have to do some silly dance they try to teach me or learn the new language they use to interact.  I may not use their vocabulary correctly, but they sure get a kick out of me trying.  Recent studies have shown that kids do learn faster while they are having fun.

  • The brain is 68% more active while kids are doing something they like, and with that activity the brain can absorb more information by 84% .


Teaching is a rewarding job. It makes me feel like I am contributing to society in more ways than one.  But, I want more….

  • I want to relate in some way to each student that leaves a lasting impression.
  • I want to be an inspiration to them.
  • I want them to feel loved.
  • I want more smiles.
  • I want more laughter.
  • I want them to fell important.
  • I want them to dream.
  • I want them to excel.
  • I want to help them with the tools they need to achieve every goal they have.

So, during the month of May after all the testing is over and the lessons seem more manageable and sometimes more enjoyable, I like to just breathe.  I try to just take it all in, and reflect on the academic lessons I have taught as well as the social and emotional lessons I have brought to my classroom.  It’s my last chance with these students to help mold and nurture them before they enter their next step.  Therefore, if you pass my classroom these last few weeks, you will hear teaching, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear laughter and serious conversations taking place that I hope they will carry on throughout their lives.  I had the wonderful opportunity to change the future in my class this year.  So, these last few weeks are meant to be enjoyable for both me and the students.  Therefore, we have to just slow down and breathe because before you know it, the school year is over.


Mrs. Ferrell – 6th Grade Math and Science