There’s a Whole Lot of SOMETHIN’ Going On!!

WOW!! What a whirlwind of a start of the new 2016-2017 school year!! Room A3 and its teacher tenet have been super busy!! Causing mass chaos in its wake, Room A3 has been host to Spotlight classes, Art classes, Volleyball meetings, Chess Club meetings, and EF Tour planning. But without a doubt, Mrs. Roehm will make this school year the best!
I have found that the more years I teach, the more I allow to climb onto my plate. I have always been one to give my all in every endeavor in my classroom and in every regard of my students. I have so many things going on in my classroom; and I would love to share it all with you!
In SPOTLIGHT, my students are learning to be entrepreneurs by starting friendship bracelet companies. They had to apply for their jobs for Vice President of each department and for CEO. We have 9 companies competing to manufacture the “next big thing”. Each company has gained money from the venture capitalist to start the design process. During the design stage, “employees” sketched out their own bracelet design idea and then built a prototype. Each company had to decide on which bracelet to manufacture. Students are learning the entrepreneurial cycle and how to keep finances. Of course, the final goal is to make a profit! Each of the 9 companies still will have to manufacture, market, and sell their bracelets. Look for our Sales Bizarre coming to LMS soon!


In ART, my students have recently studied the artist Peter Max. He is actually one artist we study who is still alive! Thanks to Peter Max, we have the psychedelic art coined during the 70’s. Did you know he helped with The Beatles’ album art? Peter Max has actually painted a cruise ship, which I got to see in the Bahamas last year. He has painted one of Dale Earnhart’s cars and a Boing 77 jet! He also has painted the posters used to advertise many events around the world, for example, The World Cup, The Olympics, The Kentucky Derby, several Super Bowls, and World Series.



Boy! OH BOY! Our Lady Patriots are on FIRE!! Your 8th grade volleyball ladies’ record is 5-0! Your 7th grade volleyball ladies’ record is 4-1! Huge Thank You to Coach Bob and Coach Lisa for all their hard work and dedication! Also, huge thank you to our Children of the Corn, Jr. Student section!! LMS has the BEST student support this year!! And a special thanks to the “sports castors” from “ESPN” for game coverage last night!!


COSTA RICA! A3 has been preparing for summer 2017 already!!This year, I and a group of students will be traveling to the beautiful country of Costa Rica in June. We will be traveling through the company EF Tours. We will be gone 10 days adventuring all over the Arenal region taking in the beauty of the Arenal Volcano, kayaking, relaxing in the heated pools, and seeing the La Fortuna waterfall. We will travel to Monteverde and walk in the clouds in the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. We will also leave a piece of Lewisburg behind when we plant a tree in the forest. Along with visiting a local school, touring the rainforest canopy, enjoying an alligator boat cruise, and white water rafting the Sarapiqui River, we will immerse ourselves in the Costa Rican culture during an authentic folklore evening. The adventures will be here before we know it!



Chess Club meets in A3 every other week on Thursdays from 3-4pm. Anyone interested in playing chess is invited to come. Mr. Louie Smith will be here giving lessons and supervising those special chess moves. Those who are interested in competing in the District Chess Tournament are encouraged to come to chess club to practice their skills. Only the top 10 players from 6th grade and the top 10 players from 7th and 8th grade combined will be able to compete. The tournament is planned for November 17, 2016 at Longview Heights Baptist Church.

WOW!! With that all being said, 2016-2017 school year is going to be PHENOMENAL!! I pray that all our students, faculty, staff, and administration have a BLESSED year!!


Lewisburg Middle School Band

Here at Lewisburg, we constantly strive for excellence. This not only applies to academics, but our extracurricular activities as well. Having been the band director at LMS for four years, I compiled a list of ways in which music can greatly enhance your child. Studies have shown that 65% of students who completed high school were involved in music in some shape or form. That figure rises to 85% for college graduates, and 90% for post-graduates. 83% of people earning $150,000 or more a year were involved in their high school music programs. Why are these numbers so high? Here are a few factors.
1. The music itself. Human brains are hard wired for music. Studies show that kids involved in music are more adept at language, math, and demonstrate higher verbal IQ scores.
2. Teamwork. Band is a team activity. Their commitment to each other and their craft will follow them into adulthood to make them well rounded and responsible adults.
3. Physical and mental demand. Learning to play an instrument is hard enough. Learning to march and move at different tempos while playing greatly enhances coordination and multitasking.
These are just a few reasons that music can help mold children into successful adults. Kids involved in any kind of music—not just band or orchestra—can reap these benefits! Please encourage your child to always enjoy and participate in music.

Mr. McLemore – Band Director

Together Everyone Achieves More!

For the first eight weeks of the semester, I had the opportunity to teach my 7th grade math students along with Mrs. Evans’ 7th grade compacted math students………… in a combined class setting. Mrs. Evan’s was on maternity leave with her beautiful new baby girl. With the help and support of the administration, teachers, staff, several substitutes, and students the time spent in a combined classroom was more than rewarding. Everyone working together made each day a pleasure.
Each day at least one administrator checked on all of us in our temporary location of B-3. The words of encouragement from teachers and other staff members were overwhelming. With the help of the other 7th and 8th grade math teachers, papers were graded quickly, bathroom breaks were managed, attendance was recorded promptly, homework checks were organized, supplies were passed out/collected orderly, and student questions were addressed easily. The list of successes goes on and on.
Having 50-60 students each block could have presented many challenges, but the dedication and attitudes of these 7th grade math students was unmeasurable. They worked hard every day and learned to cooperate in a setting that was not ideal. Students at many different math levels collaborated, solved problems, and produced great work. I was beyond blessed each day by the efforts and respect of these wonderful middle schoolers. I will be sad to leave B-3 and let go of Mrs. Evans’ class and will consider her students my students, but I am looking forward to moving to my precious A10. Together everyone achieves more and Lewisburg Middle School is that TEAM!!!

Jennifer Wilkerson
7th Grade Math

STEM in the Science Classroom

Statistics show low numbers of students pursing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines and college degree programs. There is a great need in America for talented scientists and engineers. I feel it is our responsibility as teachers in these fields to inspire and promote student interest and attitudes about STEM careers. We use hands-on, engaging activities to transform the middle school classroom to one of inquiry, planning, investigating, designing, drafting, building, creating, and all the while using math skills and technology to support learning.

We can also steer students towards science and engineering camps based on their level of interest and success in the classroom.


If we provide students with engaging and meaningful activities as part of regular instruction, we can increase their interest and career aspirations in the fields of math and science. I’m really proud to be part of a science department that wants to not only grow our kids’ interest and aspirations, but our own as well. I appreciate that I work so closely with teachers who enjoy exploring new methods of teaching, attending conferences, and bringing new learning experiences to the classroom. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a student who understands a concept in science because we just brought it to reality right before his eyes within theclassroom or the science lab.untitled-png3

We have a multitude of hands-on activities that teach the laws of physics, chemistry, and earth science, which are often difficult to grasp from the pages of a textbook.  Concepts can be easily mastered through fun and engaging experiences.  These experiences and guidance on our part can ensure that students are on track through middle and high school to complete the needed coursework for adequate preparation to enter STEM degree programs in college.  It’s great to see more and more STEM conferences for teachers, STEM camp for kids, and STEM activities and projects that we can facilitate in the classroom.  A big THANK YOU to administrators who promote this higher thinking and learning in our school!!

Mrs. Newton – 8th Grade Science