A Night at the Oscars

Friday April 13 was the LMS annual formal dance, which is only open to the school’s 7th and 8th graders. This year’s theme revolved around the red carpet awards show, The Oscars.  As always, our student council and sponsors worked to make the dance a success, but they had no idea just how successful it would be. This year’s formal sold more tickets than it had any previous year, with an incredible 380 students scheduled to attend! Student council always takes the proceeds from the dance and either donates them to charity, or uses them to go towards the school in various ways, with Teacher Appreciation Week being one of them. Attire for the dance is considered semi-formal, and this is always a big talking point. It is always refreshing to see students who normally wear jeans and t-shirts step it up in the same setting. Girls typically get their hair and nails done to go along with their impressive dresses, and guys traditionally wear a tie or bow tie, sometimes paired with a matching sports coat. However, the talk of the dance this year were Opposuits. As described by the brand itself, Opposuits are “suits that are the exact opposite of boring suits. Our products represent people who don’t take themselves too seriously, but still want to maintain a sense of style”. The eye-catching suits were conversation pieces throughout the night. Designs varied from Pac-Man to flamingoes to abstract designs. Throughout the night, I was able to catch a few students who were taking a break from dancing to ask how their evening was going. 7th graders Hayes Herren and Cameron Quinn stopped by to give their thoughts on the big night. The duo found the music selection for the night enjoyable, but “ironic that we’re asked to be dressed to the nines, but they’re blasting Drake,” says Herren. He also went on to joke that it only took him approximately half an hour to get ready, while his date took nearly four hours. When asked why this dance was so special to everyone, the two agreed that it is their first real taste of a “mature” event, and the closes thing they will experience to prom until the event itself when they become upperclassmen. The student council went all out to make sure they put on an incredible event for all those in attendance, and while it will be hard to top this year’s dance, we all can’t wait for the next.


Coach Acevedo – 7th Grade Social Studies


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