Welcome to 6th Grade

What a great start to the 2018-2019 school year!  We have over 300 amazing 6thgraders filling B Hall this year.  They have been working hard to figure out all the new challenges that being a middle school student entails.  In just a few short weeks they have figured out those stubborn locker combinations, navigated our congested hallways, learned new schedules (sometimes 2 or 3 new schedules), and experienced a taste of band and choir, all while keeping up with the academics of being a student.  I am continually impressed by the positive attitudes and helpful spirits of our great group of kiddos!

Our students have embraced the rigors of having 4 or more teachers, all with high expectations both academically and behaviorally. In math class alone we have taken 4 weekly tests, 3 quizzes, & had 16 homework assignments; however, it is not all work and no fun.  We have been singing math songs, using our bodies to learn box & whisker plots, and working with partners to share ideas.  We even had our very first dance!! After eating pizza, drinking Cokes, and visiting with friends, they still found some time to dance. What a blast our students had as they “boogied” the afternoon away! August was a great month!

Amazingly enough, this is only the beginning!  There is so much to look forward to this year: another dance, pep rallies, mix it up lunches, and ball games, all while learning and growing academically each day!  I am looking forward to 9 more months with these terrific kids!

Mrs. Ramsay – 6th Grade Math


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