What’s New in the ‘Burg for 2018?


Lewisburg Middle School is well-known for being the fastest growing school in the district over the last 10 years. However, in the last few years, our reputation of being #1 in the state has caused our school to grow exponentially fast in a short period of time.  This year Lewisburg Middle School has made some wonderful additions to help manage the growth as well as create more spaces for learning opportunities for our students.


Lewisburg Middle School opened its doors in August  of 2009, and at that time the building housed 5th through 8th grade with around 400 students in 6th, 7th, and 8th combined.  Today we have approximately 913 students across three grades.  This unique situation keeps Lewisburg in a constant state of change and growth.

 New students

As a result of so many new students that don’t feel as connected as those students that have been with us for years, our counselors work hard to create opportunities for these kids and their parents to feel like they are a part of the Lewisburg family as quickly as possible.  We have a VIP program that consists of students selected by our staff and counselors that have a variety of personalities and interests, so that when new students come to our school, we can connect them with someone that they may have some common interests.  These students give the new kids a tour of the school and are available to answer questions the new kids may have.  The counselors also meet with every new student one on one to check on them and make sure they are adjusting well to their new environment.

Another result of the growth is the construction on our building. Lewisburg Middle School had an additional 8 classrooms built on to the end of C-hall, which was previously used as the 6th grade wing.  This wing now houses 8th grade classes along with the computer labs.  The construction began back in February, but was not completed until the Friday before the students started school.  Details are still being added on a weekly basis to finalize the process for each individual classroom. The addition of the new classrooms include 5 computer labs; 2 for tech foundations, 1 for learning academy, and 2 labs for teachers; 2 science classrooms for Mrs. Newton and Mrs. Frayser, and 1 special education classroom for Mrs. Lawrence.  Having all Computer labs at the end of the hallway will allow us to create less disruption during testing season as well as provide a central location for team teachers to have computer activities running simultaneously.  The new wing also features high-tech LED lighting that will help conserve energy and tax-payer dollars.

In addition to our new classrooms, Lewisburg Middle was able to place smart technology in every classroom.  Every classroom in our building is now equipped with either a smart board, a promethean, or an interactive projector.  We love working in an environment that helps provide tools that enhance the learning experience for our students and the teaching experience for our staff, however, we also know that students need balance and time away from technology, so we also added a new outdoor classroom.120

New outdoor Classroom (picture)

First off, we have an amazing PTO that started raising money 2 years ago to make this classroom possible, so we would like to thank them for their dedication and hard work that helps make Lewisburg Middle School a top notch campus to be a part of. Our teachers and the students are eager to use this gem of a location to learn.  Learning happens all over our school building.  It is not out of the ordinary to see teachers doing lesson activities in the foyer, in the hallways, outside around the flag pole or at the front entrance area.  The outdoor classroom will be a new addition to the many creative locations teachers use at Lewisburg to help students explore concepts in a different environment other than the classroom.  We believe at Lewisburg that a change in location can keep things fresh for our students and get them more excited about a particular lesson.  Teachers plan to use the location for science exploration activities, reading and writing sessions, math activities, art inspiration, as well as other creative ideas that pop up along the way.  We are still waiting for the tables to arrive for the classroom to be complete and ready for teachers to start signing up to use, however; Mrs. Smith just couldn’t wait for tables.

New staff

With the influx of students, Lewisburg Middle school has had several new staff additions allowing our family size to increase.  The new positions include

Mrs. Covington – 7th ELA

Mrs. Rosengren – 7th/8th Math

Mr. Morgan – Band

Mrs. Barnes – SPED

Mrs. Haslip – 6th ELA & SS

Miss. E. Ferrell – CBC

Mrs. Childs – CBC assistant

We know that change is inevitable for the entire Lewisburg campus with the opening of I69, purposed plan for commercial properties, and the construction of many new neighborhoods.  Our plan is to embrace it, be prepared, and use it as an opportunity to continue to make a difference in our ever-growing community in hopes to make a difference in the world by what we do on a daily basis.


Mrs. Frayser – 8th Grade Science


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