My First Week of 6th Grade

This 2018-2019 school year is a transition for me as I moved from 8th grade English to 6th grade English. I was excited about the change, but just like all of our incoming sixth graders here at LMS, I was also terrified. Terrified I might mess up, not know where to go, not make any new friends! The very first day, I could absolutely relate to each of my brand new middle schoolers as they nervously navigated the hallways and tried to follow their new schedules. However, once those sweet students began to flood into my classroom and find their seats, I started to realize that this would be my best year yet! At the end of the school day, one boy said, “Mrs. Lacey, thanks for making this a great first day of school!” WOW! I was overwhelmed by that remark. One new thing we are doing in 6th grade is continuing the 5th grade Making Meaning and a Being a Writer curriculum. This is so exciting because the students get the opportunity to work collaboratively, learn social skills, and write creatively while they are learning English Language Arts! On the first day, I asked many kids if they liked to read and write. Usually, a student will tell you that they don’t really enjoy those activities, but this group raved about them and told me all sorts of things that they had gotten to write over the course of the last two years in their English classes! They were so proud of those writings! I cannot wait to see what this fabulous group of sixth graders creates this year in our English class!

Mrs. Lacey – 6th Grade ELA


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