Will Lewisburg “Class of 2022” 3-Peat at LMS?

Our 8th Grade Class is looking to make Lewisburg school history in being the first class to receive the honor of being the #1 Middle School in the state of MS all 3 of their years at LMS. We are so excited to see what their state test scores will show! They are a very deserving class of this honor, and we could not be more proud of them.

Since we have been doing Blitz days prior to state testing at LMS, we have been #1 Middle School in the state of MS. This year we added an English Blitz to the mix led by first-time English teacher, Mrs. Green. Mrs. Green really stepped it up this year taking on the challenge to teach English. She took on the challenge like a real champ organizing our first English Blitz Day at LMS. This is one of the many reasons why she is so deserving of the title, LMS Teacher of the Year, she received last school year.


The hard work and dedication of our teachers to strive for all subject areas to succeed, and not just their subject area is what makes our school so special and has given us the opportunity and privilege to teach the #1 Middle School students in MS!


Our students really enjoyed the review time at all 3 of our Blitz Days this school year the day before each of the state tests in those subject areas. The effort and positive attitudes presented by these students is what makes being a teacher such a pleasure and a blessing.


As the 2017-2018 School Year comes to a close, on behalf of all the teachers at LMS, I would like to thank the “Class of 2022” for a fabulous 3 years at LMS! We are SO PROUD of you and will miss you greatly, but we are so excited to watch you learn and grow into fine young adults. We can’t wait to see what your futures hold. We love you all!!!


Mrs. Hood – 8th Grade Technology Foundations


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