Black History month at LMS

The month of February is black history month, and here at LMS we celebrate that in many different ways. Each teacher has a specific black history month curriculum that they present to the students.

In most of the science classes here at Lewisburg middle, the students had to do a research project. Science teachers gave the students a list of prominent black scientists who have made a huge impact on the scientific community or they created inventions that influenced society. Students researched the inventor of their choice and created posters and cubes. The posters included pictures of the scientist, pictures of what made them famous or what they invented.  The students also had to write paragraphs about the scientist’s childhood, adulthood, and their accomplishments. Then the students had to present their posters or cubes to the class. They had to explain to the other students how their African American scientist influenced people everywhere. The students really enjoy doing this project and they learned some awesome things, for instance, how George Crum invented the potato chip.

Throughout the halls, there are posters that highlight several different African Americans and how they have been a huge influence all over the world.


In 7th grade advanced English classes, they had to create a scrapbook of sorts to highlight the book they have been reading in class, “Mississippi Trial, 1955”. “Mississippi Trial, 1955” is about the hardships of racism that plagues the south during the Civil Rights Era. The book shows how African Americans struggled throughout the Civil Rights Era. The students really enjoyed reading this book and doing their scrapbooks.



Mrs. Cox – 6th Grade Special Education Teacher


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