Interactive Notebooks: The NEW Math Textbook

What is an interactive notebook? Interactive notebook– a spiral notebook that is used to organize information.  Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class.  The right side is used for notes provided by the teacher as well as any foldables/visual aids that will assist in meeting and understanding the objective.  The students spend time highlighting and color coding related material and making connections between definitions and examples/number patterns.  This side contains the material needed to prepare for any assessments.  The left side is used for independent practice or for students to make any additional notes or drawings related to lesson or objective.  Both the left side and consecutive right side contain material from the same lesson and skill.

There are many advantages to using interactive notebooks in the classroom:

  1. Students take ownership of their learning.  Using colored paper/pens and highlighters, students allow their notes to come alive and it becomes easier to sort and connect information.  It also allows them to know what to come back to in order to prepare for a test or quiz.
  2. It reduces clutter. It eliminates excess papers being misplaced or lost. It keeps every note and example in one designated area.
  3. The notebook allows each student to relay steps/procedures to parents with less confusion. The design of each page should give parents a good idea about the skill being covered as well as a visual or numerical explanation.  This is helpful  when completing homework, preparing for a test, daily review, or tutorial help.
  4. It is an excellent way for students to collect missed work. When absent, a student can use a peer notebook or the teacher notebook to put everything in place and not miss any important information.
  5. The notebook creates a resource to use as students continue to extend their learning. They are constantly reviewing material and making references to previous lessons.


All of the 7th grade math teachers currently use an Interactive Notebook.  Have you seen it?


Mrs. Wilkerson – 7th Grade Math


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