#Raise the Bar

Here at LMS, we are #raising the bar!

It is without a doubt, the teachers here at LMS are raising the bar for our students. Teachers are indeed helping our students to increase knowledge, acquire skills and identify abilities that will set them up for success in their life.  Looking into several classrooms, one could see our teachers in action.

The Eggs-periment!

One of our 6th grade science teachers, Mrs. Ferrell, has her students fully engaged with a science experiment about safety helmets. She has successfully involved them in the learning process. Her students have to create a “helmet” for an egg that will be dropped about 3ft off the ground. Will the eggs survive?

In the end, there were a few survivors!!!!!!  These 6th grade students were determined to create and model the best “helmet” possible. #Raise the Bar  #LMSClassrooms

Mrs. Newsom – 6th Grade Special Education


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