THIS IS US: Lewisburg Edition

Lewisburg teachers have a special sense of pride in our school and community. We have often referred to LMS as our “second family” making this one of the many intangible factors that makes Lewisburg such a unique place.  It has often been said that if you choose a job you LOVE, then you will never work a day in your life.  Obviously, I love my kiddos, but I also love my coworkers. The 7th grade teachers have a pretty tight-knit bond that is woven here at school.  Our lunch period (25 minutes) is often filled with hysterical laughter, life milestones, and stories about our own families and friends. Last year, many of the 7th grade teachers started watching the greatest show EVER.  If you haven’t seen This Is Us, please set your DVR to record in on Tuesday nights. You can thank me later.  Anyone that watches will agree that you “know” one of these characters.  Similar to The Wonder Years (oldie but goodie), this show tugs at your heartstrings and seems to teach a life lesson in every episode. Our 7th grade teachers are hooked on this show and anticipate the Tuesday night episodes (and group-text frenzy).  The show sparks some rich, wholesome lunch conversations.  You should check it out!


Mrs. Lawrence – 7th Grade Special Education


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