Career Day in the ‘Burg

One of the most awaited days each year, here at LMS is Career Day. It is a day dedicated to the interests of our current eighth grade group, and focuses on what path they think they may want to take when they get out of high school. Our outstanding counselors work tirelessly to create a memorable learning experience for each of our 7th/8th grade students every year.

This year, one of the biggest fields of interest was education! Students went around in rotation and visited with 12 different presenters from our community who, not only shared their professions with our students, but also answered anything our student’s inquisitive minds came up with. We had presenters from culinary arts, agriculture, law enforcement and prosecuting, art, engineering, nursing and radiology, logistics, etc. The principal from Career Tech West even came out to talk to the students about classes students can attend in high school. What was even better was that most of these professionals were educators within their field of study.

Career day is a great opportunity LMS uses to expose young minds to interests and professions students may not otherwise know much about. It is also a great way to get our community involved in the futures of our young students. This year’s Career Day was a success and we are already looking forward to next year!


Mrs. Keen – 8th Grade ELA


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