Mrs. Lacey’s 8th Grade ELA Class

We have been very busy this semester in Mrs. Lacey’s eighth grade English Language Arts class! We started out the year reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and exploring all things mystery! Along with reading all sorts of mysterious stories and poems, each student researched a real-life mystery and presented their findings to the class. They were graded according to the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Speaking and Listening standards. Many students were very nervous, but everyone stepped up to the plate and conquered their fears of public speaking!! It was awesome to see.



Second nine weeks ushered us into a study of Mark Twain’s writings. We read many different excerpts from the classic American author and started to wrap our minds around “satire”. These pictures show the students reading and discussing the hilarious essay, “Taming the Bicycle.”



These teams of four are practicing a strategy called Reciprocal Reading. Each student has a job in his/her team and periodically the group will stop and let each person peform their job. This practice helps everyone feel like they are contributors to the group. It also helps everyone better understand the reading. Sometimes kids don’t know what to “say” when discussing a text, and this is so helpful when they have a clear role to play. We hope to keep reading, learning, and soaring to the top here in eighth grade English!

Mrs. Lacey – 8th Grade ELA


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