Motivational Monday

This year I decided to create an acronym for each day of the week. Monday-Motivational Monday, Tuesday-Tackle the Text Tuesday, Wednesday-Wonderful Words Wednesday, Thursday-Tripe Threat Thursday, and Friday-Freestyle Friday. In this blog, I will focus on the day my students enjoy the most-Motivational Monday. In order to foster intrinsic motivation, I try to create learning activities that are based on topics that are applicable to my students’ lives. Every Monday students watch a motivational video and they love it! Motivational speeches allow young students to get their fresh supply of inspiration and positive insights that can help them overcome the many challenges that life has yet to offer. While different generations of kids do experience unique challenges, one thing remains the same—proper guidance can help them go through these obstacles and find the best versions of themselves in the process. With the help of the personal stories and real-life experiences motivational videos share, they can help listeners see practical applications of the insights and lessons they are talking about. The videos help my students see the value of different experiences, including less than pleasant ones that they face on a daily basis by telling stories of triumph over similar types of situations in their lives. Several weeks after watching motivational videos, students were able to write their own motivational speeches. Motivational Monday also allows me to incorporate multiple language arts skills like tone, mood, theme, central idea, and summarizing.


Mrs. Green – 7th ELA



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