6th Grade Rocks

It’s so hard to believe we are now in the third week of the second nine weeks of school. Wow!!!! Each year I think, “This year I am going to do whatever I can to slow life down.” But as you probably know….….each year time just goes faster and faster.

Sixth grade hallway is a bustling place this year, especially between classes. From kids trying to get to a locker or class to kids trying to see a friend because they must tell them what just happened before the next class. It’s also a place to learn. One lesson to learn is patience, because you have to be patient to get down the crazy, “filled with 300 6th graders of all sizes” hallway, and I’m talking about for the teachers as well as the students. It is probably pretty comical from a birds eye view to watch as teachers and students try to jostle their way down the jam-packed hallway. Another lesson to learn during class change is how many kind-hearted students we have at LMS. I love to see the random acts of kindness that show up from time to time. Students are constantly dropping books, pencils, paper, etc., (and yes, sometimes students are landing in the floor) but it seems there are always kids that will stop and help them out. A smile comes to my face when I see these students lending a hand to each other. The hallway is also a time to learn other things (stuff that I really don’t want to learn), but I will spare you the details in this post. LOL!!!

Sixth grade is such a fun year of excitement and learning for these kiddos. Unfortunately, there are some rough times along the way, but somehow, together, we always seem to get through them, and I am so thankful to be a part of it ALL.



Mrs. Fisackerly-6th grade teacher


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