Incorporating Vocabulary

Hey Lewisburg!
This year Mr. Meadows has asked every teacher to incorporate more vocabulary into each subject area to help strengthen our reading comprehension. We have 3 new words each week and sometimes I can relate them to math and sometimes I cannot. This particular week, the word was “askew” which means curved. That week we learned Parabolas which is when points are on a graph, they make a u shape. I was hoping the students would make the connection to the lesson from the day before to one of the words of the week. I was SO excited when this group in the picture did just that! I asked them to use the word askew in a sentence. Their sentence was “the graph of a parabola is askew”. We will continue to try to apply the vocabulary to our math lesson as much as we can!  We are all on the same team at LMS we all work together to ensure all of our students are successful.



Mrs. Bruno – 8th Math


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