“Friendships in childhood are usually a matter of chance, whereas in adolescence, they are most often a matter of choice.”  David Elkind


Whew! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here at LMS! Homecoming in the Burg is so much fun! It is during this time of year where the idea of the Patriot family really seems to hit home. In a wonderful display of camaraderie, all of the Lewisburg schools come together to celebrate Patriot Pride!


As I spend more and more time with my students, I notice the beauty of the friendships all around me. Some of these friendships are young, beginning only this year. Some of these friendships span multiple years already! As a teacher, I want to encourage these friendships. At the same time, I want to challenge everyone in our Patriot family, both young and old, to be a good friend to others. Look for that particular person who still may sit alone at break or lunch. Look for that person who still may struggle opening that stubborn locker.


One of my very favorite quotations is attributed to Plato and reads, “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” I believe this sentiment with all of my heart, and there is nowhere I feel this more keenly than in our middle school classrooms and hallways. What a time of transition! Some transitions are exciting and fun! Others are challenging and less fun. Let’s take Patriot pride in being kind to everyone!


Let’s have a wonderful year together!

Mrs. Browning


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