Tales from the Classroom


The beginning of the year is always an interesting time for my C-hall people. The students have a lot to look forward to and a lot to learn. From parades, to pep rallies, to homecoming…OH MY! A lot of them are now realizing that “they’re not in elementary school anymore.” By the way, our theme for this year’s homecoming is “There’s no place like homecoming.” Can you tell?

While we have the best time on C-hall during these events, things can also get a little overwhelming. Every day seems like there’s a full moon in sight and the students start to act WILD. While this can be frustrating, these are also some of the best times had by teachers. Through all of the craziness, I can always count on my 6th graders to keep me grounded. They show me every day how to laugh at the small stuff, even if sometimes it’s to laugh to keep from crying…Lol.

Tale #1
How to Teach Like a Girl-101

This year, my class is trying out a new curriculum. Every day, the students gather to build a reading community by sharing their thoughts and ideas with one another. That is, until one student doesn’t feel like it. After I had redirected this particular student several times to pay attention and to listen to what their partner had to say, he hands me a note. I was thinking it might be an apology of some kind so I eagerly opened it in front of the class. Turns out the note was not an apology. Nope. This note read, “You teach like a girl.” Boo. Yah.

Tale #2 The New Girl

Each week, new vocabulary words are introduced to the students. The students are required to incorporate these words into their conversations and their writing so that the words become a part of their everyday language. One week, the kids learned the words: scurry, summon, and teeter. As they were working on an independent activity, I heard whispering, so I tuned in. I could only

see the back of this particular student’s head, but I knew he was looking straight ahead towards the girl that sat in front of him. I kept hearing him whisper, “Simone. Simone. Simone.” Assuming he was trying to talk to the girl, I said, “Her name is not Simone. It’s _______. Please stop talking.” Turns out, the poor kid was looking straight ahead at the “Word Wall,” not the girl, and he was trying to pronounce the word “summon.” Nailed. It.

Like I said, these 6th graders may have a lot to learn, but they have a lot to look forward to as well. I’m grateful for a group of kids that remind me daily why I do what I do. Oh! and to laugh at the small things every. single. day.

Mrs. Weaver – 6th Grade ELA




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