Homecoming, Entrepreneurs, and Picasso…OH MY!

      It is going to be a very busy week here at LMS! We are celebrating Homecoming all throughout the week. My Spotlight students are learning to be entrepreneurs. My Art students have just finished some incredible Picasso artwork.

Our Homecoming theme is “There’s NO Place Like HOMEcoming!” From students dressing up each day to teachers and students decorating hallway doors to the BIG Pep Rally, there is sure to be a lot of excitement leading up to our Homecoming football game against Southaven Middle School on Thursday at 5:30.

Dress Up Days for the Week:

Monday – Ruby Red Slipper Day

(formal day/dress like a powerful/important person)

Tuesday –Twister Tuesday

(twist back in time 6th -60’s; 7th – 70’s; 8th -80’s)

Wednesday – Which Witch is Which? (Twin Day)

Thursday – Lions and Tigers and Patriots Oh My!

(show your school spirit by wearing red, white, and blue)

Friday – Oz the Great and Powerful! (Superhero Day)


Spotlight classes are on a new adventure! They have established their new companies and are beginning the process of becoming entrepreneurs of friendship bracelet companies. As they maneuver through the entrepreneurial cycle, they will be making business decisions, keeping financial records, and panning towards the final goal of selling their friendship bracelets to gain a profit. After the final sales, the companies will find out what is their company’s team value. The company with the highest team value will be crowned top company!

In ART, students have taken a close look at artist Pablo Picasso. We learned he was a very interesting artist who was brave enough to confidently introduce the world to Cubism art. Cubism art is a movement in modern art that emphasized the geometrical depiction of natural forms. We gave it a try…


and then we made a mural of one of Picasso’s art pieces…


As you have read and can imagine, LMS is full of school spirit and raging with ideas and artistic abilities! This week, as well as the rest of this year, will be quiet COLORFUL…OH MY!!


Mrs. Roehm – Spotlight and Art


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