“Learning Lab” for Special Education Students

The “Learning Lab” is a scheduled part of the school day for the student who has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and is critical to the education of each student. The intention of the learning lab is for students with IEPs to have an opportunity to access a small learning environment to take tests, access computers or work on projects. The Learning Lab is also used to remediate and reinforce material introduced in the general education classroom and to work on deficit areas of each individual student. It also provides a quieter environment and limits distractions during testing. The Learning Lab is necessary because the class allows special education students additional time to work on much needed skills. The Learning Lab has fewer students than a general education class and allows for more one on one tutoring for the student.

I appreciate the learning lab because I am able to build better relationships with those students who attend my class. I am able to focus on areas of weakness for specific students and use needed accommodations for each individual student. My goal is to equip each student with the necessary tools needed to be successful in ninth grade.


Current Lewisburg Patriot students who attend learning lab said they enjoy the class because…

“Most of my friends are in the class.”

“I feel I can ask questions in learning lab that I would not ask in the other classroom.”

“I am able to get most of my homework completed in learning lab.”

“I am able to comprehend better in learning lab.”

“I get extra practice with the stuff I do not understand.”


David Byrd – 8th Grade Special Education Teacher



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