Last week at the “Burg”

This last week at the “Burg” was full of exciting and new experiences! Not only did we rock it out at the Hoedown Showdown Dance on Friday the 18th, where a good time was had by all…especially the sixth graders who finally got to go to their first Middle School dance. (Thank you cheerleaders for all your hard work you did to sponsor this event.) Then on Monday, the total eclipse of the sun shadowed our normal routine as we gathered outside to experience this phenomenal event with our entire student body. We were decked out in our special solar glasses so we could view the eclipse safely. That day will be something we remember for a lifetime. Then Monday evening our volleyball team won their first match by beating Horn Lake in a double game victory. We are so proud of our athletes! All of this excitement, as we continue to discover the best pathway to success, while we travel through Lewisburg Middle School. May the journey continue to be awesome!


By: Cindy McCool


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