Figuring out locker combinations, class schedules, break, lunch, study hall, and navigating a hallway with 300 of your closest friends………just a typical day on C hall for our wonderful 6th graders. The first few days in a different building with new teachers can feel overwhelming, but our sixth grade superstars are handling ALL of these changes like pros!


Our students are spunky! Each day they enter C hall with bright eyes and infectious smiles. After tackling a sometimes sticky locker combination, they deftly forge their way down the hall where exciting new learning opportunities await. The students creative juices have been flowing as they express themselves with their writing in ELA and describe themselves “by the numbers” in math class.


Although each of our students bring their own unique talents, abilities, and personalities, they do a wonderful job pulling together to work as a team. Students help each other with classwork, pick up dropped items for each other, and assist fellow classmates with lockers and snack line. Kind words and gestures are seen daily during the students’ interactions with teachers and peers. Our super sixth graders have big shoes to fill, but they are definitely up to the task! I cannot wait to see all the amazing ways they help to make LMS awesome!



By: Shirley Ramsay




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