Community Service Car Wash

To end the year the Sixth grade class learned about community service. The lesson we gave the students is to always make a positive impact on their community, by giving back in any way they can. Little did the students know, within a few days they would make a huge impact on a fellow student.

Unfortunately LMS had a student diagnosed with brain cancer over spring break. I talked to my students about a community service project that would benefit the student. I decided a car wash would be a great way to raise funds and learn about community service. Once administration approved the plan, the students took the idea and ran with it. I called many stores in hopes of getting help to put this fund raiser supplied. Walmart, Target, AutoZone, Advanced Auto, Lowes, and Car Wash USA came through for our class big time. We were able to get all the supplies needed to make this extraordinary happen.

The car wash turned out to be amazing. The students washed 80 total vehicles. The students were able to raise over $3,200 to help support a classmate.


Coach Taylor


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