Mrs. Lacey’s Who’s Who

May came and went. That time of year can be stressful for teachers, parents, and students. That is why I like to take a day to celebrate and focus on the positives of each of my classes. It’s called the “Who’s Who Awards for Mrs. Lacey’s Class.” These awards are given to individuals that the class period has voted as the following categories: Friendliest, Most Dependable, Funniest, Mr. Intellectual, Miss Intellectual, Most Athletic, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Class Participant, Mr. Mrs. Lacey’s Class, and Miss Mrs. Lacey’s Class.



2nd Period Winners: Olivia Holloway (Most Likely to Succeed), Kassie VanNostrand (Miss Intellectual), Bo Denman (Most Dependable), Matthew Mckenzie (Funniest), Devon Hill (Best Class Participant), Blake Speed (Most Athletic), Carly Haley (Friendliest & Miss Mrs. Lacey’s Class), Brady Tygart (Mr. Intellectual & Mr. Mrs. Lacey’s Class)


4th Period Winners: Caleb Markin (Funniest), Drew Ainsworth (Mr. Intellectual), Brayden Sanders (Most Likely to Succeed & Mr. Mrs. Lacey’s Class), Josh Pack (Most Dependable), Cooper Adney (Best Class Participant), Maya Eddins (Miss Intellectual), Logan Coker (Most Athletic), Kayla Vaughn (Miss Mrs. Lacey’s Class), Mackenzie Porter (Friendliest)


6th Period Winners: Tori McCreary (Miss Intellectual), Kelly Gonzalez (Most Dependable), Eli Lamb (Mr. Mrs. Lacey’s Class), Max Zizmann (Funniest), Robert Cashion (Mr. Intellectual), Drew Smith (Best Class Participant), Shay Brunt (Miss Mrs. Lacey’s Class), Ledger Carroll (Most Athletic), Joseph Reeves (friendliest)

Then we review the year by opening up the long awaited “Good Times” Jar. This jar has been collecting good memories throughout the school year that we have experienced as a class period. Sometimes the reading of this jar becomes a raucous, roaring good time and I have to remind everyone to quiet down and that we are still at school!!!

Finally we open our Affirmation Folders and read any final affirmations that classmates have written to each other. An affirmation is a note that praises someone for something positive in his/her life. These notes are meant to be encouragements that the students can keep and use to build confidence. I love watching the students open their folders and eagerly read what they have.


It’s not always easy being a middle school student or a middle school teacher, but taking time to intentionally focus on the positive aspects of our students is very helpful. I hope at the end of the year, my students have not just learned about literature or English, but that they have learned about LIFE and CHARACTER, and that they will take these lessons with them into the future.

“The great hope of society is individual character.”- William Ellery Channing

Mrs. Lacey – 8th Grade English



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