March Madness in the classroom

As a 6th grade Special Education teacher, I try to come up with fun and creative ways to make learning fun for my students. During the month of March we worked on putting math into real world situations. We did a March Madness activity which combined math and sports into one lesson. The students were separated into two teams where they had to visit different stations set up around the room. At each station there was a specific math skill they needed to know in order to solve the problem. The different math skills that our activity focused on were finding area, comparing fractions, decimals and percent’s, adding/subtracting/multiplying and dividing decimals and real world problem solving.

At each station they worked as a team to solve the problems. When they completed that station, they brought the work to me so I could look over it, if they got them correct their team received 2 points on the board and each student shot a ball into the basket to gain an extra point. The students really enjoyed this activity. This not only worked on their math skills but also team building skills. They really enjoyed incorporating “trashketball” into the game also. It was a close game but Team 1 ended up pulling out the win.



Mrs. Cox


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