More Than Just Test Scores…

How do you really measure growth in students? Do you measure it by how well students score on a benchmark test? What about the grades on their report card? Does that really tell you how far these kids have come since August? I think growth is hard to measure with a number. There’s so much to miss.

Test scores don’t tell you how the anxious boy in the front row finally has the courage to say THIRTY words in his group presentation. They don’t tell you how hard those two dyslexic students have been working and how much their writing has improved. You don’t get to see how inspired some of my students have been with their locker book chat as some of them present their book (in a costume) in front of their classmates. They don’t show you how they are implementing figurative language so beautifully into their journal writing on Free Topic Friday…taking us on adventures with Banana Man and personifying a pair of tennis shoes.

I am celebrating these milestones (and many more) on the 6th grade hall at LMS. These students…my students…have grown leaps and bounds since August. I couldn’t be more proud to be their English teacher. They probably won’t remember what their score is on Case 21 a few years from now. But—I hope they remember the things that inspired them. And I will remember how much they grew…


Lucy Greenslade—6th grade English Teacher


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