Starry Night and Case 21

The 7th and 8th graders had their Starry Night semi-formal dance. This dance is many of the student’s favorite all year. They get to wear formal dresses and the dance is at night! All proceeds from the dance are going to Will Farris’s fight against Leukemia. Will is one of our 8th grade students who was recently diagnosed! We are all supporting him in this battle to end cancer. Here are a few pictures from the night. Everyone looked so amazing and it was a great success.


The last thing I’d like to blog about is Case 21. Case 21 is coming up. I’ve really tried to motivate my students to do their best. Mrs. Green had a great idea of displaying her students first Case 21 scores. I took her idea and made a racing track for my classes. My students are Racing to the Finish. Their goal by the end of this case 21 is to be all 5’s. We have been talking all year about what I wanted their score to be by the end of the year. I have a lot of confidence in them and can’t wait to see how they do! Here is a picture of our case 21 display.#7


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