We have come so far!

This semester students have learned so much. We began the year with keyboarding. There were many bad habits, but in the end, everyone has become efficient keyboarders. We have now moved on to learning how to create Microsoft Word documents. Students were excited about moving to something other than keyboarding. They will eventually be skilled enough to begin our individual creativity work. Students will have the choice of becoming a restaurant entrepreneur or a sporting franchise owners. They will then be in charge of all things an owner would have to do. They will be responsible for everything from creating memos and menus to designing logos and flyers for advertisement. They will be able to use their own ideas and creativity to take what they learn and apply it to a real-life scenario. I look forward to finishing off the year with much fun and exciting times. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dustin Belk – Tech Foundations


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