Teachers are life long learners!

As the world and technology changes around us, teachers are constantly required to continue their education in order to stay on top of the best methods to instruct their students. One of the many virtues that our teachers have at Lewisburg Middle School is that we carry a strong belief in not only educating our students with high standards, but we also believe that we must educate ourselves to the highest standards as well. Our teachers accomplish this goal in several ways. Teachers and administration attend conferences to learn about what other top educators are doing as well as what the latest research based methods to help grow our students to the next level. Teachers that attend these conferences share what they have learned with the rest of the staff in focus group meetings. For example, Mrs. Western and Mrs. Taylor attended a conference in Biloxi this past summer and presented to other teachers how to effectively integrate interactive notebooks. Another way that the staff at Lewisburg Middle School stays educated on the most current research is by going above and beyond to earn a Master’s degree or higher. We currently have 20 staff members with a master’s degree or higher education out of the 60 certified staff members on our campus. Among these are; Mrs. A. Thomas, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Lawrence, and Mrs. Pulse in Special Education, Mrs. Frayser, Mrs. Creager, and Mrs. Newton in Science, Mrs. McCool in Math, Mrs. Hood in Tech Foundations, Ms. Griffin and Mrs. Sowell in English, Ms. Wilson and Mr. McLemore in Music, Mrs. Green in History, Coach Williams in Athletics, Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Young in Counseling, and our administrators Mr. Wigley, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Meadows. Another way that teachers can grow themselves and stay updated on current research based methods that work is by achieving National Board Certification Status. According to the NBCT website, “One of the founding missions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is to advance the quality of teaching and learning by maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.” Currently, at Lewisburg Middle School, we have four teachers that have accomplished this tremendous achievement; Mrs. Green, Mrs. Laxton, Mrs. Frayser, and Mrs. Fleming. We have three members of our staff currently going through the process as well; Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Creager, and Mrs. Lawrence. (pictured below) National Board Certification requires teachers to dedicate many hours of planning and research to incorporated methods that improve their own teaching methods as well as those of the staff they work with on a daily basis. Our staff is dedicated to continuously educating themselves with high standards because they are passionate about the job they do every day. Our staff not only desires to improve their own classroom, they are always willing to share their knowledge to help our school as a whole. It is this teamwork approach and our belief in maintaining high standards for ourselves and our students that has helped to make our school number one in the state of Mississippi.



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