Hearts of Gold

The Lewisburg community is full of people that are always ready and willing to help those in need in any way they can. Throughout the year, our counselors, office staff, students, and teachers at Lewisburg Middle School support our community through various fundraising opportunities.
Every year during Homecoming week, each of the four Lewisburg schools uses a variety of fundraisers to raise money for a charity of their choice. This year, Lewisburg Middle chose to donate the money we raised to the Palmer Home for Children. During the Homecoming pep rally, our principal and four Lewisburg Middle School students were able to present a check to the Palmer Home for $3,655.
We collect canned food to donate to the Food Pantry annually. This year, Mr. Acevedo’s first period class donated the largest amount of cans (118). The class was rewarded with an ice cream party for making such a great effort towards giving to the less fortunate. All of our Lewisburg schools also participated in a coat drive. Students were asked to bring new or used coats to donate to those in need. Collectively, we were able to raise around 400 coats.
Around Christmas time, we have many opportunities to give back to the community. Several of our teachers allow their students to bring a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. We also collect items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. This organization uses the items to provide a Holiday Store where parents can shop for their children and children can shop for their parents at no charge. Ginny’s child is another organization that we, as a school, choose to help. This allows students and teachers to sponsor a child/family or donate Christmas gifts that will be given to a family in need. This organization has been able to help 100 DeSoto county students in previous years. This year, our Fellowship of Christian Students organization was able to meet the need of a Christmas dinner for a senior citizen center in Horn Lake.
In addition to all of our annual fundraisers, Lewisburg Middle is always looking for other opportunities to give back to the community. For example, when one of our own staff members lost her home and everything she owned to a devastating fire over Thanksgiving break, our school jumped into action and decided to have a hat/pajama day. Students and teachers were asked to bring $1 in exchange for wearing a hat or pajamas at school for the day. We raised over $1,200 for our staff member and her family!
Lewisburg Middle School is a very special place for so many different reasons. I am proud and honored to work with students and other teachers who truly have “hearts of gold.” Giving back to our community is incredibly rewarding, and I am thankful our students are able to experience such a feeling. Our Lewisburg community is full of selfless, loving people who most definitely know what it means to have a servant’s heart.


Ms. Griffus- Special Education Teacher


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