What GREAT Math Students Do

As we have celebrated the high honor of LMS being the #1 Middle School in Mississippi, I have thought about some of the common factors that great math students have. I firmly believe that all students can achieve greatness. It has more to do with work ethic and attitude than aptitude. I shared this list with my students last year and am sharing it with my current students also. We, 6th grade math teachers, have a passion for our subject, our school, and most importantly our amazing students. Each day we are striving to do more and know more than the previous day. With that in mind, here is a list of what great math students do daily.
What GREAT Math Students Do
10. Come to class each day with needed materials.
9. Write down all assignments/homework/test dates.
8. Attempt to work each homework problem EVERY night.
7. Get weekly test signed on Monday night to receive 5 extra credit points in your extra credit account. ☺
6. Do ALL classwork.
5. ASK questions. Ask questions. Ask questions until YOU understand.
4. Focus on MATH during MATH class.
3. Try. Make mistakes. Try. Make mistakes. Try again & again & again.
2. Smile ☺….this can be a FUN class. (Your math teacher is goofy sometimes.)
1. Understand that no one is perfect. Everyone has a bad day. A bad day does NOT make you a BAD student…..it just makes you human. ☺

The best part of teaching is watching young minds learn and grow. There are so many wonderful times ahead for each of our 6th grade math babies. I am thankful to be a part of this amazing beginning to middle school, and for the opportunity to watch you become incredible teenagers and adults. Math Rocks and so do YOU!!!!!

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Mrs. Ramsay – 6th Grade Math


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