We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

The Mississippi Department of Education recently released our accountability grades based on the Mississippi Assessment Program, or MAP test. Lewisburg Middle School is ranked as first in the state! We couldn’t be prouder.


Not only did our students score well on the test, they also demonstrated growth.  This measurement shows that our students, teachers, staff, and administrators strive everyday to improve each child’s learning, and we are being successful.


As a long time educator with thirty-six years of teaching experience under my belt, this is my first time of being ranked as number one in the state. I must say it’s a great feeling! When I reflect back over the last year and remember the hard work that was done by all to achieve this goal, it is with a strong sense of pure satisfaction in a job well done.


So we’ve cheered and clapped, had our pictures taken, and even ate some wonderful cake; but in the back of all our “teacher” minds there is this one resounding thought – now we’ve got a new group of students. Time to do it again. Back to work.


Mrs. Cindy McCool – 6th Grade Math


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