Our Library with Ms. Laxton

The mission of the Lewisburg Middle School Library Media Center is to provide a facility and program which will empower the learner with the ability to access and process information and ideas, and to support the educational strategies of the school community.
Lewisburg Middle School Library currently has 9,505 books, e-books through Project Gutenberg and EPIC, 25 magazine subscriptions, 14 student computers and 4 Reading Centers. All students come to the library weekly with their Language Arts class. Computers are used for individual and class research, assignments, and projects. The library also has 3 netbooks carts, 1 Laptop Cart, 1 iPad cart, and 4 TV/DVD carts available for teachers to check out for use in their rooms. A professional development section for teachers, administrators, and staff is also available. Teachers can reserve the library for whole class instruction to utilize the Smartboard and other resources. Book Reviews, Research Websites, e-books, Magnolia Database, Destiny Catalog, Learn 360 video streaming as well as Professional Development website links are available on the LMS Library webpage.


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