Hearing Loss: by Cindy Spivey

Lewisburg Primary, Elementary, Middle and High Schools hosts the District Classes for the Hearing Impaired students. October was National Protect Your Hearing month. Did you know that exposure to loud noises is the leading cause for hearing loss? Now is a good time to learn about degrees of hearing loss, causes of hearing loss, and prevention of hearing loss.
Doctors classify hearing loss by degrees: from mild, moderate, severe, or profound. The symptoms of each category include:
-Mild hearing loss-People who suffer from mild hearing loss have some difficulties keeping up with conversations, especially in noisy surroundings.
-Moderate hearing loss-People who suffer from moderate hearing loss need the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants to keep up with conversations.
-Severe hearing loss-People who suffer from severe hearing loss will benefit from powerful hearing aids/cochlear implants, but often rely mostly on lip-reading. Some also use American Sign Language.
-Profound hearing loss-People who suffer from profound hearing loss are very hard of hearing and rely mostly on lip-reading, and/or American Sign Language.

Causes of hearing loss:


Devices for hearing loss:

Hearing Aids


Cochlear Implants


Prevention of hearing loss:

  • If the sound level at work exceeds 85dB, reduce the noise level or wear hearing protection.
  • Lower the volume of your television, stereo and iPod. Take special care if you use headphones or earbuds.
  • Be careful not to turn up your car stereo volume too loudly to compensate for noise from the engine or the wind.
  • Wear custom noise filters or solid earplugs if you go to rock concerts or nightclubs, and don’t stand near loud speakers.
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones or solid earplugs if you use noisy equipment such as drills, lawnmowers, etc.

Mrs. Spivey – Deaf Education Teacher


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