“Dabbing with DBQs”

Students must substantiate written arguments with evidence. Common Core approached social studies with a particular emphasis on literacy. This has several implications for teaching with primary sources. My 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere students are currently studying Ancient Egypt. For the first time, students will write a DBQ (document-based question) essay. Students will answer a question designed to test their ability to work with historical documents. They will analyze each piece of document and answer the questions that follow. Students will then write a well-organized essay y that includes an introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion. The students must use evidence from at least 4 documents in the body of the essay. They must support their responses with relevant facts, examples, and details. This assignment will challenge my students, but if goes beyond engagement and require analytical reasoning. The questions also demand that students take and defend a position.


Mrs. Tabitha Green – 7th/8th Grade History


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