Lewisburg Middle School Band

Here at Lewisburg, we constantly strive for excellence. This not only applies to academics, but our extracurricular activities as well. Having been the band director at LMS for four years, I compiled a list of ways in which music can greatly enhance your child. Studies have shown that 65% of students who completed high school were involved in music in some shape or form. That figure rises to 85% for college graduates, and 90% for post-graduates. 83% of people earning $150,000 or more a year were involved in their high school music programs. Why are these numbers so high? Here are a few factors.
1. The music itself. Human brains are hard wired for music. Studies show that kids involved in music are more adept at language, math, and demonstrate higher verbal IQ scores.
2. Teamwork. Band is a team activity. Their commitment to each other and their craft will follow them into adulthood to make them well rounded and responsible adults.
3. Physical and mental demand. Learning to play an instrument is hard enough. Learning to march and move at different tempos while playing greatly enhances coordination and multitasking.
These are just a few reasons that music can help mold children into successful adults. Kids involved in any kind of music—not just band or orchestra—can reap these benefits! Please encourage your child to always enjoy and participate in music.

Mr. McLemore – Band Director


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