Together Everyone Achieves More!

For the first eight weeks of the semester, I had the opportunity to teach my 7th grade math students along with Mrs. Evans’ 7th grade compacted math students………… in a combined class setting. Mrs. Evan’s was on maternity leave with her beautiful new baby girl. With the help and support of the administration, teachers, staff, several substitutes, and students the time spent in a combined classroom was more than rewarding. Everyone working together made each day a pleasure.
Each day at least one administrator checked on all of us in our temporary location of B-3. The words of encouragement from teachers and other staff members were overwhelming. With the help of the other 7th and 8th grade math teachers, papers were graded quickly, bathroom breaks were managed, attendance was recorded promptly, homework checks were organized, supplies were passed out/collected orderly, and student questions were addressed easily. The list of successes goes on and on.
Having 50-60 students each block could have presented many challenges, but the dedication and attitudes of these 7th grade math students was unmeasurable. They worked hard every day and learned to cooperate in a setting that was not ideal. Students at many different math levels collaborated, solved problems, and produced great work. I was beyond blessed each day by the efforts and respect of these wonderful middle schoolers. I will be sad to leave B-3 and let go of Mrs. Evans’ class and will consider her students my students, but I am looking forward to moving to my precious A10. Together everyone achieves more and Lewisburg Middle School is that TEAM!!!

Jennifer Wilkerson
7th Grade Math


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