STEM in the Science Classroom

Statistics show low numbers of students pursing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines and college degree programs. There is a great need in America for talented scientists and engineers. I feel it is our responsibility as teachers in these fields to inspire and promote student interest and attitudes about STEM careers. We use hands-on, engaging activities to transform the middle school classroom to one of inquiry, planning, investigating, designing, drafting, building, creating, and all the while using math skills and technology to support learning.

We can also steer students towards science and engineering camps based on their level of interest and success in the classroom.


If we provide students with engaging and meaningful activities as part of regular instruction, we can increase their interest and career aspirations in the fields of math and science. I’m really proud to be part of a science department that wants to not only grow our kids’ interest and aspirations, but our own as well. I appreciate that I work so closely with teachers who enjoy exploring new methods of teaching, attending conferences, and bringing new learning experiences to the classroom. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a student who understands a concept in science because we just brought it to reality right before his eyes within theclassroom or the science lab.untitled-png3

We have a multitude of hands-on activities that teach the laws of physics, chemistry, and earth science, which are often difficult to grasp from the pages of a textbook.  Concepts can be easily mastered through fun and engaging experiences.  These experiences and guidance on our part can ensure that students are on track through middle and high school to complete the needed coursework for adequate preparation to enter STEM degree programs in college.  It’s great to see more and more STEM conferences for teachers, STEM camp for kids, and STEM activities and projects that we can facilitate in the classroom.  A big THANK YOU to administrators who promote this higher thinking and learning in our school!!

Mrs. Newton – 8th Grade Science


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