“Tales from the 6th Grade”


I know it’s just the beginning of the school year, but let me just say… our sweet, polite, and energetic 6th graders have certainly come in with a bang… a very loud bang. Their awesome sense of humor combined with their bright and bubbly personalities have already made this year wonderful and one for the books. Most of the stories I share with my friends and family are hard for them to believe, and I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t believe them either if I hadn’t experienced them myself. Here are a couple of my favorites from this year so far. Enjoy!

Tale 1- “The Complimentary”
On the first day of school, I always tell the students about myself. I tell them my name, what I like to do, etc. This year was no different and after I had introduced myself, a very sweet student asked me my age. I replied, “26.” I definitely did not expect the quick debate between two of my kids on whether I looked “15” or twenty years my senior. I couldn’t decide which one was the better compliment.
Tale 2- “The Brutally Honest”
My study hall class is during the last period of the day, and although I don’t teach English that period, I still teach. I teach my students to work hard, to be productive, to
use their time wisely, and to sit quietly at their desks. So… as I quietly graded papers at my desk, a student walked over to ask me a question. Because she was standing and I was sitting, she could see the top of my head.
She stopped abruptly in the middle of her question and loudly blurted out, “Whoah, your hair is darker at the very top! That’s so cool.” Needless to say, the other students were very eager to check out my “cool” hair.
After a wonderful summer comes to an end, it’s hard to stay positive about going back to “work.” I can honestly say that these sixth graders have made my job so fun and entertaining. There is never a dull moment on the C-hall. Keep rockin’ it out sixth grade. You’re doing great!

Mrs. Weaver – 6th Grade English


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