7 Habits with Mrs. Fisackerly

Hi Lewisburg Family,
My name is Missy Fisackerly. This is my 19th year of teaching. After teaching 6th grade for the last four years at LMS, I am very excited to be teaching 8th grade Language Arts this year. Since I taught many of these students in 6th grade, it has been quite exciting to see how they have grown academically and socially over the past two years.
We began the first few weeks of our year going over their summer reading book, The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Teen by Sean Covey. We discussed and completed activities to help us learn ways to become a more effective 8th grader.(I learned a lot from the book also.) Mrs. Fleming, the guidance counselor, came to each class and helped each student set goals for the year. We even wrote mission statements to keep in our binders.
We are now working on a unit that answers the essential question “Can we overcome disabilities? We are reading Helen Keller’s, The Story of My Life to discuss how she overcame her disabilities and became such an inspiration to many people before and after her death.
I can’t wait to learn and grow as a teacher throughout this year.



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