“We’re All in This Together”


Dear 6th graders,
Do you ever feel that some people seem to coast through school as though they are playing the lead roles in a musical? They just seem to have that certain confidence, that certain inner happiness that refuses to allow them to feel awkward? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret; they’re scared, too. Sure, they may hide it better than you do, but they are worried about the same stuff that you are. They’re worried about opening their locker. They’re worried about what they look like. They’re worried about whether their friends will stay true to them. They’re worried about getting into trouble or getting their teachers to like them. They’re worried about things that are going on at home. The list goes on and on and on…
I want all of you to know that no matter how much you may feel that you are the only one struggling to fit in or struggling to make this transition to middle school easier, we really are all in this together. Don’t take yourself too seriously as you navigate this new transition. Talk to other kids. Talk to your teachers. Chances are, they know what you’re feeling, because they’re feeling it, too!
We are glad that you are here! Please let me or any other faculty member know how we can make this year your best school year yet!
Mrs. Browning
6th grade Language Arts


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