An Open Letter to My Students

You will always be my “kiddos.” Just like a mother calls her child her baby for the rest of her life, you will always be that innocent (sometimes awkward) middle school “kiddo” looking up at me for guidance, wisdom, and love. I hope that throughout the year you learned how to write a beautiful narrative, an informative expository essay, and a factual research paper (notice the parallel structure). I hope you can read, comprehend, and retain information from a high level text. I hope you have learned the difference between an independent and dependent clause and how both are important for entertaining and informing others through writing. I also hope you have learned not to “text” your teachers while writing formally. I hope you have learned high level vocabulary and learned that through context clues you can figure out the meaning of most words and phrases. All of these things are important, but I hope you have learned so much more than these technical English-grammar rules.

I hope that through the video project we finished, you learned to always look at every angle. You never truly know a person unless you have walked in their shoes or looked through their eyes. I hope that the legends/folk tale unit reminds you to remember your roots. The stories your parents and grandparents tell you will one day be your stories to tell. I hope that the persuasive speech you wrote and presented taught you to be passionate about ideals that are dear and near to your heart. I hope that by reading MS Trial 1955 and completing the character scrapbook, you learned compassion, empathy, and the importance of civil equality. I hope after reading Chinese Cinderella, you understand the importance of perseverance and self-esteem. You are all so special in your own way. Don’t EVER forget that. I hope all of the novels and pieces that we read this year ignite a passion for reading that nothing will replace, because reading opens doors that seem locked shut!

I hope, as well, that you will never forget your 7th grade language arts teacher. As kooky and nerdy as I am, I want you to know I will never forget each and every one of you. Thank you for enlightening me, making me laugh, and even challenging me. I am afraid that some days you brought more into my life than I brought into yours. You have marked my heart, and I hope I have marked yours.

Heather Sowell – 7th Grade AP English


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