Career Day

Being in middle school is an awkward time in life. Many students are worried about what their peers will think about the clothes they wear or what they say. It is 3 years of trying to figure out this maturity thing. In the midst of all the maturing and constant load of school work, the students have limited time to think about what their futures hold. To be honest, many of them have a hard time seeing past 8th period. So how are they supposed to figure out what they want to do when they get out of high school?

Recently at LMS, we gave the students break from their normal everyday routine to participate in Career Day. The wonderful councilors at our school put together a list of eleven professions that students showed interest in learning more about. We were able to find professionals in each of these fields that were willing to come to our school to speak. Student groups rotated from classroom to classroom in 15 minute increments to hear a little about each profession. We had a veterinarian, commercial pilot, physical therapist, computer programmer, lawyer, anesthesiologist, game warden, physical trainer, forensic analyst, orthodontist, and a sports medicine physician. Most of these professionals brought tools and pictures to show what they do every day. Specifically, the veterinarian brought a large breed dog to explain its anatomy and how similar dogs are to humans. The physical therapist brought a tool that measures strength. Some of the students were surprised to find that they were stronger (or weaker) than they thought. Needless to say, they knew how to keep the attention of our students.

To say these students enjoyed learning about the professional world is an understatement. The speakers that came to our school showed so much passion for their career that even the teachers were thinking about what they wanted to do when they retire from teaching. After speaking to several students about their thoughts on career day, I could tell that the wheels inside their heads were turning. The goal of this day was to spark interests in many of our students so that they will continue to be motivated throughout high school to do well. We want our students to be successful and if they have a goal to work towards, they may worry a little more about what the future holds than what someone is wearing.image3image2

Mrs. Wilbanks – 7th Grade Math


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