6th Grade Social Studies

In 6th grade Social Studies, we have been discussing civil rights. We opened up with Black History Month where students researched certain influential African Americans in science, math, sports, social sciences, and entertainment. That topic then led us into African American rights and how people like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and, of course, Martin Luther King, Jr., helped fight for equality. Before Spring Break we watched a wonderful movie, Ruby Bridges, which is a true story of a little 6 year old girl who attended a newly integrated school in Louisiana and the battles she and her family faced.
We now will discover how women have not always had the same rights that women have today. Women had certain jobs that they could not pursue and certain lifestyles that they were expected to lead. Looking at how women did not have the right to vote until 1920 and now there is a woman running for president proves how far the United States has come. This, I’m sure, will lead us into some interesting debates!

Mrs. Coker


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