Tech Foundations with Mrs. Hood

This school year has been a great one in my Technology Foundations classes! We have learned all about the safety, care, and ethics of computers. We have tackled the very real issue of bullying through technology. We have also studied basics of computers, operating systems, Microsoft Word, and spent a large part of the school year learning how to type correctly using the touch method of typing.
We started off the year learning all of the correct fingers to use for the keys. At first, we took things very slow emphasizing the importance of accuracy, and not speed. Once confident using the correct finger positioning, speed would follow. That has been the case for most all of the students. I’m VERY impressed with the majority of my classes’ progress with typing so far this year. They really are a hardworking group. By the end of the school year, 30 wpm with 99-100% accuracy will be required to receive a grade of 100. The majority of students have already met this goal.
For the month of February, we have been learning all about Excel. We have learned basics of entering labels, values, and formulas. We have also learned and are continuing to learn more advanced skills to improve the appearance of spreadsheets. For Black History Month, we are ending the month of February with a Black History Month Excel Project. I’m excited to see the students create a Black History Timeline in Excel. They will be required to be creative and use what they have learned to make their projects excellent work. I can’t wait to see what all they come up with for these projects.image1image2

Mrs. Hood – 8th Grade Tech Foundations


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