Practicing Math with Pancakes

Students in Mrs. Taylor’s math class practiced math problems while cooking up their answers.IMG_2993

Math isn’t always fun, but it can be. Do you know any teachers that will let students turn their math answers into pancakes? At Lewisburg Middle, Mrs. Taylor did just that! She allowed her students to create pancakes out of math answers. While working with equations, the teacher realized the students needed a fun approach to continue the review. The classes enjoyed solving challenging equations and gobbling up their answers. Each student was required to solve the equation and show all of their work on paper before they could cook their answers. The review turned out delicious.IMG_2994

I believe that each school day should include learning new content while growing in a positive and enjoyable environment. Students know that when they walk in my class we are going to do two things that day: learn at least one new thing and smile. I want my students to understand the standards and enjoy learning.


Mrs. Taylor – 8th Grade Math


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