Read 180, Bridging the Gap

After being a Language Arts teacher in the general education setting for 8 years, I moved into a “different kind” of Language Arts classroom 3 years ago. Little did I know, that change would put me right into my niche. Not too many people are aware of what my classroom, Read 180, is all about…so here is a little bit of insight to what we do each day.


At Lewisburg Middle School, we have a unique class for some unique students. Read 180 is a Language Arts class specifically created to support struggling readers, primarily with learning disabilities. The class is designed to target each child’s reading deficit and cater their individual learning style through a variety of methods with an overall purpose to bring these struggling readers up to grade level. On a daily basis, Read 180 students utilize a classroom computer lab and library; in addition to having a small, conventional classroom setting.


The Read 180 school year starts out with a computer based Lexile level test. This test measures each student’s reading grade level. Each 9 weeks, another Lexile test is administered which monitors the students’ growth. The Lexile number guides the Read180 computer program to cater to that particular student’s areas of weakness; it also determines the book level the student is allowed to choose from the classroom library. As the number grows, the computer program and reading books become more rigorous.  The computer based portion of the program is set up by segments with topics ranging from sports, music, art, history and entertainment.


Read 180 is not just a computer and reading class. The class is divided into two parts, the first part being the traditional classroom process, followed by the computer/reading rotation. Our traditional class time is whole group instruction utilizing a workbook (RBook). Just like a typical Language Arts class, our class learns about grammar, literature, and writing combined through many types of texts.

Ms. Scudder – Read 180



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